Technology for intelligent buildings

As a technology leader in building automation, DEOS AG develops and produces innovative building automation and energy management systems "Made in Germany". With our dedication to innovation and quality, we supply sustainable products and solutions for intelligent buildings that markedly reduce the costs of energy, commissioning and maintenance while offering greater convenience at the same time.

The strategy of an international network of system partners allows us to implement projects around the world. With us, you place your trust in the building automation of tomorrow!


DEOS is your expert for innovative building automation solutions. An initial impression of the variety of applications of our products in different buildings can be found here:

Products at a glance

Durable, powerful and innovative – for more than 50 years, we have developed and produced intelligent solutions to the needs of the market and the requirements of our customers. Discover our variety of products for energy-efficient building automation!


Gain an insight into the wide variety of our building automation solutions and their use. Many companies justifiably place their trust in the economical DEOS system solutions that offer greater convenience.

detail DEOS AG

DEOS AG, Germany

Due to its own product range the new headquarters of DEOS AG in Rheine is among the most modern and energy-efficient buildings in Europe.

detail UKE Hamburg-Eppendorf

University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany

One of the most modern university clinics in Europe places its trust in DEOS solutions for their building automation.

detail Hilton Abu Dhabi

Hilton Hotel, Arab Emirates

Hilton Abu Dhabi has been modernized and provided with modern DEOS building management systems for ventilation and cooling systems.

detail ERGO Lebensversicherung AG

Life Insurance ERGO, Germany

During ongoing operation, the building technology was replaced by modern DEOS building automation in the administrative headquarters of the ERGO Lebensversicherung AG.

detail IKEA Möbelhaus

IKEA Furniture Stores throughout Germany

Throughout Germany, several branches of the furniture chain IKEA were equipped with modern and trendsetting technology of DEOS AG.

detail EGAT, Nonthaburi

Energy Supplier EGAT, Thailand

Thailand's largest energy supplier EGAT placed its trust in technology from DEOS AG for optimizing its climatic conditions.

detail Außenansicht NOS Gebäude

TV Studio NOS, Netherlands

Our ventilation control system optimized the climatic and special air flow characteristics of a TV studio environment, while significantly increasing the comfort.

detail DKV Hauptverwaltung

Health Insurance DKV, Germany

Mainly in night shifts the DKV headquarters could be completely restructured during the ongoing business operation so that the current working process has not been interrupted.

detail Airport Tower Frankfurt a.M.

Airport Tower Frankfurt a.M., Germany

Control power for the airport tower: the tower at the Frankfurt airport is equipped with a completely redundant DEOS AG system for ventilation control.

detail PAI, Kuwait City

Ministry PAI, Kuwait

A complete product replace on DEOS products took place in the office building of the PAI in Kuwait City.