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Here you will find practical information and tips on classic building automation and modern smart buildings in a high-quality format.

Products Sensors & Thermostats

Sensors for building automation

Modern sensors make building data and energy flows in the building transparent and energy saving potentials visible. With our LoRaWAN sensors we offer an optimal solution for existing buildings.

Modern sensors: The first step to smart building

Sensors are an important component of modern smart buildings. They make it possible to measure and monitor energy consumption in the building and thus provide the necessary transparency. The measured values obtained can be used to optimize the building technology used and implement energy efficiency measures.

Sensors are able to measure various parameters in the building such as temperature, humidity or CO₂ content. These values are collected and evaluated in an intelligent system. Classically, this system can be a building control system or an IoT platform that visualizes the data. This makes it possible to optimally adapt the climate in the building to the needs of the users and at the same time reduce energy consumption.

LoRaWAN sensors for post-digitization of existing buildings

The use of wireless sensors is one of the most advanced methods of monitoring and collecting building data. It offers many advantages over traditional wired sensors – especially for post-digitization of existing buildings, as they save the installation of cables and thus reduce costs. In the field of wireless sensor technology, LoRaWAN sensors are increasingly gaining acceptance. Why this is so is obvious:

  • Low provisioning costs for the necessary infrastructure
  • High security through encrypted data transmission
  • Hardly any cabling required for installation in the building
  • Simple and cost-effective integration of products in existing buildings
  • Long battery life of up to 10 years (depending on sensor type)
  • High range and penetration in the building

DEOS sensor technology with high precision

Precise and high quality sensors are of great importance for any building automation project. They provide the measured values, which are passed on to the automation stations and processed by the system. Due to faulty or inaccurate measurement data, your plant cannot be optimally controlled and savings potential can therefore not be exploited. This is because heating costs increase by about 6% per degree of room temperature. And that is exactly what we do not want! Therefore, we rely on high-quality sensor technology with very low tolerance values. In this way, we provide the most precise measured values possible.

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