Programming libraries

Up to 90% reduced programming effort for DEOS system partners

In the technical implementation of HVAC systems, the total costs for the system partner consisted roughly of the hardware costs and the costs of the company’s own services, such as programming and documentation of the HVAC systems. With the DEOS programming libraries, you can reduce your programming effort and offer more cost-effective solutions. This is an important aspect especially for tenders.

Macro library

Preconfigured & tested system modules

The DEOS Macro Library (MakBib) is a central component of time-saving system programming and integrates seamlessly into the OPEN FXL programming tool. The library contains more than 1,000 system modules (macros) for standardised MCR and HVAC systems in the fields of ventilation, heating and refrigeration. A macro always consists of the preconfigured system graphic, the control software, the user interface and the complete documentation including the control description. All you have to do is find the right macro for your project. This reduces your programming effort by up to 90%. Macros can also be adapted and saved according to the project requirements and can even be combined to form complete systems (templates). This allows system partners to create their own individual library on the basis of MakBib.

Template library

Completely preconfigured HVAC systems

The DEOS Template Library (TempBib) is based on the system modules (macros) and combines them into completely finished and standardised HVAC systems. Also with the TempBib you can work as usual with our programming tool OPEN FXL. A template includes, for example, a boiler, two heating circuits and a buffer tank. This also includes the preconfigured system graphic, the control software, the user interface, the necessary documentation and the linking of the individual macros. This way you can reduce your programming effort by up to 90%.

Product highlights

Easy, tested, efficient!


Reduce your programming effort by up to 90% with the preconfigured and tested macros and templates

Minimise the amount of work required while maximising programming quality

With macro and template management, individual system modules or entire systems can be easily reproduced

Preconfigured macros/templates can be quickly and easily customised to individual requirements

Includes graphic library for the visualisation of system components and entire systems

Comprehensive online documentation of the individual macros and templates makes it easy to get started

Dynamic and graphic visualisation of system macros and templates in a uniform graphic style

Always choose the right macro/template for your needs from over 1,000 system modules and 300 preconfigured complete systems

The macro and template library is continuously supplemented and further developed by our industry experts




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