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Products DDC controller

DDC controller for intelligent building automation

From the low-cost compact controller (integrated analog/digital inputs) to the BACnet/SC controller to the native BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) with redundancy solution, you will find the optimal DDC automation station for your individual project in the DEOS portfolio.

Freely programmable DDC controller

As cloud-ready or IoT controllers, our DEOS DDC controllers represent the central intelligence in your building. They are used for holistic building and room automation, are specialized for HVAC applications and can be freely programmed. The main task of the automation stations is to control, regulate and monitor your building systems in an energetically optimal way. Reducing energy costs in the building and at the same time increasing comfort for the building users – this is what the DEOS “OPEN” controller family promises. To ensure IT security in the building these days, our DDC controllers are equipped with an innovative firewall that meets the highest security standards.

Our automation stations at a glance


The controller for efficient system integration and BACnet/SC projects. Particularly strong in retrofit.

OPEN 4100/3100 EMS

The controller for maximum safety with redundancy functions. Optimally suited for critical infrastructure and high operational reliability.

OPEN 810/710 EMS

The all-rounder for versatile use in demanding BA projects and the control of multiple plants.

OPEN 600/500 EMS

The compact controller with integrated inputs and outputs for BA projects and the control of single or multiple small plants.

OPEN 600 EMS basic24

The low-cost compact controller with integrated inputs and outputs for small projects and the control of a plant.

Product highlights at a glance

  • Made in Germany

    Guaranteed high quality and durability through production on our own innovative SMD production line.

  • Freely programmable

    Ensures maximum flexibility in your projects.

  • 4 Ethernet ports

    Enable easy on-site maintenance without communication outages and serial (daisy chain) cabling of controllers reduces cabling overhead.

  • Time-saving programming

    Save up to 90% of your plant programming time with DEOS libraries.

  • Onboard BMS/MBE

    Equipped with integrated HTML5 web server OPENview for plant visualization.

  • IT security

    Highest possible operational security through redundant system design, HTTPS and integrated firewall.

  • Top-hat rail mounting

    The top-hat rail mounting enables easy integration into the control cabinet on site.

  • Certified

    Multiple certified according to international standards such as AMEV / BTL.

  • IoT & Cloud Ready

    Ready to use the DEOS BMS OPENweb Cloud and the pro.Building Suite IoT platform.

  • Scalable

    Simple expansion of the controllers by means of IO modules.

  • Features of our DDC controllers

    Efficient programming

    You decide yourself whether you program the DEOS DDC controllers freely or whether you use our predefined and time-saving libraries. By using the template or macro library, programming efforts can be reduced by up to 90% and programming errors can be avoided.

    System openness

    The system openness and the diverse interfaces and protocols make the use of our automation stations so flexible. To meet project requirements, these can be extended by up to 198 IO modules via the CAN bus. The IO modules can be set up to 5 km away from the controller.

    Onboard BMS OPENview

    The powerful integrated HTML5 web server OPENview is available on every controller of the OPEN EMS family. You access it decentrally via the Internet or intranet. OPENview allows graphical visualization and operation of your plant even remotely. It’s easy and saves you valuable time.

    Service & Security Center

    With the OPEN EMS Service & Security Center and the integrated IT security functions, you protect your DDC controllers and thus your building automation from unauthorized access and cyber attacks from outside. Setting up and adjusting the firewall is intuitive and can be implemented without in-depth IT know-how via preconfigured security modes.

    More warranty, less worries!

    With the new warranty scheme, we offer our system partners a 2-year warranty as well as an additional extended replacement service for selected DEOS products produced in-house. The exclusive exchange service is valid in the period of 2 to 3 years. For a warranty case, we now also offer an advance exchange to make the warranty case as uncomplicated as possible for you. You can find the detailed warranty regulations now in our DEOS portal.

    Frequently asked questions about DDC controllers

    You have questions, we have answers. Here we present the frequently asked questions about DDC controllers.

    What is a DDC controller?

    A DDC controller, often also called automation station or automation device, is a control device from the field of building automation and is used for control and regulation tasks of technical systems. DDC stands for Direct Digital Control, an electronic or digital control technology that has replaced conventional analog control technology. The data supplied by sensors and actuators from the field level serve as the basis for the control, regulation and monitoring of the building services systems. Likewise, control specifications from the management level can be processed and executed, for example, by the building control system, often referred to as BMS or MBE. The DDC controller thus ensures communication between the building technology from the field level and the management level. Automation stations are equipped with analog/digital inputs and outputs for connecting field components. These can usually be expanded with I/O modules to control a variety of field devices via an automation device. The control takes place via the internal control program on the DDC controller. The aim is to control building systems in an energy-efficient way without compromising the comfort of the building users. The control program is created using programming tools and subsequently transferred to the automation device.

    What are application areas for DDC controllers?

    DDC controllers are used in the field of building automation for the holistic regulation, control and monitoring of technical systems in buildings. They are not to be confused with the PLC devices from industrial automation. A typical application area besides holistic building automation is room automation. Here, the automation stations take over control tasks in the area of individual rooms, e.g. lighting, shading, temperature etc. DDC controllers and an intelligent control strategy are nowadays essential for modern and energy-efficient buildings and contribute their part to a sustainable future in the building sector.

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