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Solutions Safety in building automation

Safety in building automation

Building automation is nowadays an important component for a more sustainable operation of the building sector and thus it is impossible to imagine life without it. Due to the increasing networking of systems in building automation and new functions such as building control technology in the cloud or the linking with IoT platforms, the risk of cyberattacks and third-party access is growing, which in the worst case leads to the shutdown of building technology systems.

Therefore, the requirements for safety in building automation are also growing. The requirements can be divided into two areas: Operational security and IT security or cybersecurity.

Operational safety for building automation systems

Operational security includes measures such as redundant systems and ensures that all systems function smoothly even in the event of a failure. This protects against unexpected interruptions and other problems that can affect the automation system. Event traceability is also a component of operational reliability – allowing potential errors or problems in the system to be identified more quickly.

IT security in building automation

IT security or cybersecurity ensures protection against third-party access and cyberattacks. These include methods such as encryption, two-factor authentication and firewalls, to name just a few examples. This is especially important to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and to ensure the integrity of the system.

Safety is a matter of course for us

With our solutions, we protect DEOS systems from cyber attacks and other threats by taking IT security into account in all technical and organizational measures. These include, for example, firewall functions, encrypted communication or multiple authentication and much more.

Certified data center

All DEOS Cloud products such as the DEOS Secure Connect for remote maintenance and site networking, the pro.Building Suite IoT platform and the Cloud GLT are hosted in a certified data center that complies with ISO EN 50600 and is ISO EN 27001 certified. The standards define, among other things, the requirements for electrical supply, air conditioning, cabling, and fire protection and security systems, and establish criteria for the secure operation of data centers. Due to the own server hardware in the server cabinets of the German data center near the headquarters in Rheine, full access to the hardware is possible. Hosting with the high security standards allows us to use the services even in sensitive infrastructure.

IT-secure DDC controllers

With the Service & Security Center and the integrated IT security functions, you protect your DDC controllers and thus your building automation from unauthorized access and cyber attacks from outside. Setting up and adjusting the firewall is intuitive and can be implemented without in-depth IT know-how via preconfigured security modes. IT security has never been so easy!

IT security in the cloud

In addition to the many advantages of BMS in the cloud, our cloud solution DEOS Secure Network focuses primarily on security. The high security standards, such as firewall functions and encrypted communication, ensure that your system is optimally protected against cyber attacks. Since the connect boxes are already preconfigured, you do not need any additional IT know-how for the setups. Building automation has never been so safe!

Redundant hot standby controller

For the highest possible operational reliability, you can also use the OPEN 4100 EMS / OPEN 3100 EMS as a redundant hot standby controller. For this purpose, two controllers are operated on one CAN bus. The Primary Controller is responsible for the control and regulation tasks. On the other hand, the secondary controller remains in standby mode and automatically takes over the control and regulation of the building services equipment in the event of a primary controller failure (no physical switching of the CAN bus required). All variables are mirrored to the secondary controller in regular cycles. Thus, there is no impact on the current operating status (e.g. master & slave controls or timer programs) of the plant technology. This application guarantees the very highest operational reliability for sensitive systems. It is available on the OPEN 3100 EMS and OPEN 4100 EMS.

Redundancy through CAN-HSB safety ring bus

The CAN-HSB (High Safety Bus) safety ring bus is a DEOS in-house development based on the worldwide proven CAN bus. Compared to the simple CAN bus, the CAN-HSB offers you additional safety functions: In case of interruption of a CAN bus, the complete system remains in operation due to redundant control. The narrowing down diagnosis is done automatically and a detailed report shows the user via which CAN segment the connected IO modules can still be reached. This allows you to detect errors and correct them as quickly as possible. An adjustment of the control program is not necessary for the use of the safety ring bus. For safe operation, the CAN-HSB can be used on the OPEN 3100 EMS and OPEN 4100 EMS controllers, each in the C2 variant. Function modules specially designed for the CAN-HSB (OPEN FXL modules) display and evaluate additional status information about the current operating state. The permanent recording and checking of all data thus ensures the high quality and availability of the bus communication.

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