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Products IO modules

Scalability with IO modules

Modular and with strong communication properties, the OPEN IO modules are ideally suited for all automation applications in technical building automation and room automation. They are compact, easy to mount and universally applicable with different measuring elements. A total of 16 different variants of the OPEN IO modules are available to you. Whether as a digital module with digital inputs and digital outputs or as an analog module with analog inputs and analog outputs or even as an IO combination module or pure input or output module – you will find the right IO module for your individual project in the field of building automation and room automation.

Product highlights

With DEOS IO modules you benefit from numerous features and advantages. Discover them now.

  • LED status indicators

    Visualize the current operating and bus status of the respective I/Os.

  • Top-hat rail mounting

    Suitable for installation on standard 35 mm top-hat rail in distribution cabinets and sub-distribution boards.

  • Optional manual operation

    Allows manual operation in case of emergency or maintenance and meets the requirements for a Local Override Control Device.

  • Counter function

    Digital inputs can be used as counters.

  • Integrated self-test function

    Ensures the error-free functioning of the modules.

  • Strong communication

    CAN bus communication with up to 1 Mbit/s and with a length of up to 5 km.

  • Bridge bus connector

    Error-free and fast connection of the IO modules via bridge bus connectors.

  • Transistors & integrated relays

    Digital outputs optionally with transistor or integrated relays.

  • Detachable IO modules

    Easy setup of another line, since IO modules in the control cabinet can be removed via a PKM module.

  • Efficiency

    Fast configuration of the IO modules and extensive libraries provide efficient

  • Simple connection in the field

    The DEOS IO modules are connected to the DEOS automation stations via the CAN bus (Controller Area Network) – the most widely used bus system for networking control units. This bus system can accommodate up to 99 DEOS IO modules per line, ensuring a high degree of flexibility for subsequent extensions. The bus speed depends on the distance of the IO modules to the controller and is up to 1 Mbit/s depending on the bus quality. We have been successfully using the CAN bus here for years, which offers high speeds and great safety.

    IO Modules Overview

    Digital input and output modules

    • Digital input module DI16
    • DI8DO8T digital input and output module
    • Digital output module DO8T
    • Digital output module DO8TH
    • Digital output module DO8R
    • Digital output module DO8RH
    • Digital output module DO8RH/S

    */N indicates optimized measuring range for NTC sensors
    *With +H, manual operation (LVB) via pushbutton is available.
    *T and R denotes the transistor and relay variant, respectively

    Analog input and output modules

    • Analog input module AI8, AI8/N
    • Analog input and output module AI8AO4, AI8AO4/N
    • Analog input and output module AI8AO4H, AI8AO4H/N
    • Analog output module AO4
    • Analog output module AO4H

    Measured value transformation module MT-R

    By using a measured value transformation module MT-R, you can significantly extend the measuring range for resistance sensors of an OPEN IO module and connect resistance sensors with larger measuring ranges. NTC and PTC sensors can assume resistance values from approx. 200 Ohm up to 1 MOhm. When using the MT-R, connect these sensors directly to the analog inputs of the OPEN IO modules or to the integrated analog inputs of the OPEN EMS. The measured value transformation module MT-R offers 8 analog inputs and outputs to which you can connect up to 8 PTC/NTC sensors.

    Coupling module DS-PKM

    The DS-PKM coupling module is used at the beginning of a series of IO modules to feed in the supply voltage 24 V DC and the CAN bus. At the end of the row it is used to tap the CAN bus or to terminate it. Such a series of modules can have max. 15 IO modules include.

    IO modules for your room

    In addition to the IO modules for the control cabinet and panel mounting, we also offer wall-mounted IO modules for your individual room solution. Whether in office buildings, schools, hotels or administrative buildings – our OPEN IO7 and OPEN IO7-B modules are always the right choice for your building.

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