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Here you will find practical information and tips on classic building automation and modern smart buildings in a high-quality format.

Why DEOS? Operator

Smart operator concept reduces your service costs

The interaction of technical systems and trades in buildings is becoming more and more demanding in the age of digitalization – keyword IoT and cloud solutions. As an operator or facility manager, you are responsible for the economical and safe operation of buildings and properties equipped with increasingly intelligent building technology. This makes it all the more important for you to have an operating concept that meets these growing requirements even without in-depth IT know-how: Efficient processes, fast response times and resource-saving personnel deployment are just a few aspects that are of existential importance to you in order to remain competitive in the market. With our optimized service solutions in building automation, you are ideally positioned here.

Highlights for operators

As an operator, you benefit from numerous features and advantages. Our focus is always on reducing service costs. This is how we make your daily work easier.

  • All from one source

    Integration of all building services into one GA system.

  • Extensive analysis

    Monitor your technical operation with the clear graphical plant displays of DEOS. Mobile and on the PC, setpoints can be adjusted quickly and errors in the plant can be detected.

  • HVAC services with app

    Our DEOS Secure AlarmApp makes your daily work easier – receive fault messages directly to your technicians’ cell phones and coordinate operations efficiently.

  • Secure remote access

    Benefit from our vendor-neutral solution for remote access. Keep an eye on all your technical systems regardless of location and time. Several locations can also be networked in this way.

  • Cloud solutions

    Get full access control to your assets with DEOS’ cloud solution. From the smallest plant to large technical plants, the management of technical operations is possible, completely without your own server infrastructure.

  • Cybersecurity

    Benefit from maximum protection against cyberattacks and unauthorized access to your assets through firewalls that meet the highest security standards.

  • Reduce service efforts

    With DEOS, you benefit from reduced personnel expenses. With remote access, for example, travel and maintenance costs can be drastically reduced.

  • Data transparency

    Benefit from the highest transparency of your building data with our digital twin. Use our system openness through standardized interfaces to analyze and optimize data and maximize the benefit of your building data.

  • Reduced service costs thanks to state-of-the-art technology

    Save several times over with our practical solutions for operators: With the DEOS Connect-Box and the Connect Portal, we enable you to remotely maintain a site or a plant. In addition, a large number of properties and plants can be networked with the Connect-Box and thus centrally managed, monitored and controlled. This reduces your expenditure on plant maintenance and allows you to benefit from efficient remote service. And even better: With the Secure AlarmApp, your service staff can keep an eye on all plants 24/7 and are informed about malfunctions and alarms via push messages on their cell phones. Facility management is that easy with DEOS!

    Transparent energy monitoring

    The primary goal is to reduce the energy consumption of HVAC systems, buildings or entire properties to a minimum. Therefore, the first priority is always the energy analysis. This requires sufficient transparency about energy use in the building. We aim to create this transparency as simply as possible, without having to have the know-how for a complicated and elaborate energy management system. With our energy monitoring, we offer a proven solution that is manufacturer-neutral and can be used for existing buildings and the already installed TGA systems (retrofit) or in new construction.

    Post-digitization of existing buildings to smart building

    With smart IoT solutions, you can turn your existing buildings into true smart buildings. With LoRaWAN wireless technology, sensors or smart devices such as the DEOS TEO battery-free heating thermostat can be easily installed in the building. The combination of modern DEOS IoT/cloud solutions and LoRaWAN flexibility enables new and efficient usage scenarios: The goal is to relieve technical facility management, reduce operating costs, process building data transparently and inspire building owners with new comfort functions.

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