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Solutions Remote access and site networking

Secure remote access and site networking

With the DEOS Connect-Box we enable remote access and thus the management of all your building services equipment. In addition, a large number of properties and facilities can be networked and thus centrally managed, monitored and controlled. This maximizes the efficiency of maintenance and service operations.

Product highlights

With secure remote access and site networking, you benefit from numerous features and advantages. Discover them now.

  • Efficient service

    With remote access, travel and maintenance costs can be drastically reduced.

  • Combine properties

    Connect a large number of plants to a central BMS.

  • Complete overview

    Manage and operate all integrated systems centrally in one portal.

  • Single sign-on

    Access to all assets shared in the Connect Portal through central login management.

  • Harmonized & manufacturer-neutral

    Connection, call-up and operation of all web-based systems in the building via the Connect Portal – regardless of the manufacturer.

  • Plug & Play solution

    Connect boxes are pre-configured and can be installed and used with minimal effort.

  • German data center

    Highest data availability in the hosted cloud infrastructure in Rheine.

  • Maximum security

    SSL encryption, confidential traffic over HTTPS, secure VPN connection and automatic security updates ensure maximum security.

  • Vendor-neutral asset management via the Connect Portal

    In order to operate HVAC systems optimally, it is nowadays essential to be able to control them independently of time and location and to react quickly and efficiently to alarms or malfunctions.

    With the DEOS Connect-Box and the Connect Portal, we enable remote maintenance of a site or a plant on the one hand, and on the other hand, a large number of properties and plants can be networked and thus centrally managed, monitored and controlled. This way, you can operate all your connected plants and properties – regardless of the manufacturer – with the Connect Portal via a standard browser. With the DEOS solution, you can optimize your service, especially in the areas of commissioning, building operation, and maintenance.

    Thanks to the highest IT security standards, such as SSL-encrypted VPN connection or automatic security updates, the systems are optimally protected against cyber attacks.

    Maximum IT security

    • Encrypted dial-up and connection – SSL encryption, confidential traffic over HTTPS and secure VPN connection.
    • Automatic security updates – protection against cyber attacks with the latest security status
    • German data center – Highest data availability in the hosted cloud infrastructure in Rheine, Germany
    • Individual user authorization – user level login authorization for easy management of e.g. employee changes.
    • 2-factor authentication – Increased login security by logging in with 2 factors (user/password and one-time password via mobile app).

    Secure 24/7 remote access

    Keep an eye on your facilities at all times: With the Connect Portal, you can monitor and control your buildings regardless of location and time – with your smartphone, tablet or PC. All web-based systems can be integrated into the Connect Portal, regardless of manufacturer. This also allows maintenance work to be carried out remotely instead of on site. This improves response times, optimizes plant operation and reduces costs. With our LTE-capable connect boxes, you already benefit from the numerous advantages during commissioning.

    Clear site networking

    With the Connect Boxes, we enable you to network your site economically and securely. Your properties can be networked with each other or to a central location. Above all, this reduces investments in hardware and software: With DEOS site networking, you only need ONE central BMS – in the cloud or as an on-site solution. Likewise, personnel expenses for plant monitoring are reduced.

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