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Technology for intelligent buildings

As a technology leader in building automation, DEOS AG has been developing and producing innovative building automation and energy management systems “Made in Germany” with secure IT environments for more than 50 years. With our passion for innovation and dedication to quality we deliver sustainable products and solutions that can be used to combine heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and lighting systems to form an efficient overall system. This markedly helps reduce the costs for energy, commissioning and maintenance while offering greater convenience for the people who live in the building. Through integration of external systems we create synergies, so that we can provide our system partners and customers with holistic and individual solutions. The strategic alignment with a global network of system partners helps us realise projects around the world. You can bank on us for tomorrow’s building automation.

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Change in the Supervisory Board of DEOS AG

Change in the Supervisory Board of DEOS AG

Michael van Well moves to the Supervisory Board of DEOS AG, effective 1 June 2019

Michael van Well will take over his new responsibilities as Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DEOS AG on 1 June 2019.


New website with DEOS Portal

New website with DEOS Portal

From now on: New website of DEOS AG together with the new DEOS Portal online!

The new website of DEOS AG goes live on 8 May 2019, featuring a modern and easy-to-read design and improved navigation. The focus for the revamped website was improving the structure of the products, solutions and services offered as well as the revision of existing content and the writing of new content.


DEOS Product Catalog 2019

DEOS Product Catalog 2019

Now available: The new DEOS product catalog for intelligent building automation

Valid from 1 May 2019: Our new product catalog features many new products and solutions from DEOS AG. It also sees the start of marketing for our ISH trade fair highlights: The new practical cloud solution DEOS Secure Network and the OPEN EMS Service & Security Center.


Partner Conference in Singapore

Partner Conference in Singapore

DEOS Singapore hosts first partner conference in Southeast Asia

From 10-12 April, DEOS Singapore hosted its first partner conference with great success in Singapore. Around 50 participants from over eight countries attended the conference to learn more about the latest trends, products, solutions and services offered by DEOS AG. During the numerous presentations and workshops, participants were also introduced to the future ideas of DEOS AG and the various markets and their requirements.


ISH 2019 summary

ISH 2019 summary

After ISH 2019 it's now full steam ahead!

Encouraged by the strong interest among visitors to the DEOS AG stand, we are currently following up the many leads and enquiries. Our new products and cloud solutions are available now.


OPEN EMS <i>Service & Security Center</i>

OPEN EMS Service & Security Center

Firewall protection against cyber attacks on DEOS controllers (DDC) with intuitive user interface

Every building automation system requires DDC components that are secure and protected against third-party access. While this type of equipment security is very expensive, integration into IT networks nonetheless offers many advantages.


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Building solutions

DEOS is your expert for innovative building automation solutions. An initial impression of the variety of applications of our products in different buildings can be found in our building solutions:

Products & Solutions


Hilton Hotel, United Arab Emirates

Hilton Hotels & Resorts is a brand oft he Hilton Hotels Corporation and has more than 550 Hotels in 80 countries worldwide. Therefore, the Hilton hotels belong to the third largest hotel chain of the world. Hilton Abu Dhabi is located at the Corniche road in the center of Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The 327 hotel rooms offer not only the view to the skyline of Abu Dhabi, but also the sea view to the Persian Gulf.

On behalf of the Abu Dhabi National Hotels (ADNH), modernization measures were taken in the whole hotel complex. As a result, the old building management system for ventilation and cooling systems was replaced with innovative DEOS building automation systems.

Project details at a glance

DEOS Software

  • OPENweb

DEOS Hardware

  • 1 OPEN 810/32 EMS
  • 1 OPEN 500/5 EMS

Products and solutions

  • bacnet

Energy supplier EGAT, Thailand

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, in short EGAT, is Thailand’s leading energy supplier. The state-owned company is responsible for the electrical power generation and transfer for the entire country. EGAT is also responsible for selling electricity. Electrical devices are tested in its in-house laboratories according to the Thai standard.

The building’s HVAC system consists of a total of 3 water-cooled refrigeration systems that are controlled by an OPEN 810/5. In addition, the laboratory’s fresh air supply is ensured by a fresh air system. This fresh air system is controlled by an OPEN 600/5 so that the outside air supply can be ideally adjusted depending on the conditions of the individual rooms.

Furthermore, the laboratory rooms are equipped with 21 FCU controllers and thermostats. A particular challenge with this building was integrating the humidity control in connection with the adjusted air pressure in the laboratories to achieve the perfect indoor climate conditions.

The entire building is controlled via 2 tablet PCs. All system data can be called up at any time by accessing the OPENview web server. This also makes it possible for technicians to access the systems remotely.

Thanks to the integrated application of BACnet and Modbus, all used subsystems can easily and smoothly communicate with each other.

Project details at a glance

DEOS Software

  • OPENview
  • OPENweb

DEOS Hardware

  • 1 OPEN 600/0 EMS
  • 1 OPEN 800/5 EMS
  • 4 OPEN IO Module
  • 2 Tablet PCs
  • 21 FCU Controller

Products and solutions

  • bacnet

Health insurance DKV, Germany

DKV Deutsche Krankenversicherung was founded in Berlin in 1927 and moved its head office to Cologne in 1954. DKV is one of the greatest private health insurances in Europe in the meantime and belongs to the ERGO Insurance Group since 1998.

Between 2008 and 2014, the headquarters, built in 1969, was completely restructured; as a result the HVAC systems, the pipes as well as the electrical and control technology have been renewed. DEOS Gebäudeautomation GmbH has managed the project during this period and equipped it with DEOS solutions. OPENbalance (today: OPENdynamics) ensures a comfortable room climate on all floors of the 20-floor building while reducing energy consumption. Also, OPENenergy helps to recognize and reduce energy costs. Furthermore, OPENweb regulates and controls the building management.

Project details at a glance

DEOS Software

  • OPENdynamics in Zonen: 420
  • OPENenergy in Zähler: 150
  • OPENweb

DEOS Hardware

  • 32 OPEN 4100 EMS
  • 5 OPEN 4000 EMS
  • 7 OPEN 810/12 EMS 7
  • 1.000 OPEN IO Module

Products and solutions

  • opendynamics

Ministry PAI, Kuwait

The PAI (Public Authority of Industry) in Kuwait City was upgraded with the latest DEOS technology. During this project, all the products at the building automation level were replaced with DEOS products.

The project was divided into two phases. In a first step HVAC and light management system as well as the CO monitoring system were upgraded to the DEOS system. During the second phase, all AHU’s were equipped with frequency converters and the existing HVAC system was modified into a VAV system (DEOS BACnet VAV controllers) to achieve maximum energy efficiency. Finally, the chiller plant were connected to the DEOS building management system via BACnet IP to provide an overview of all consumptions and system information. The team in Kuwait successfully and smoothly completed the project while the building was fully operational.

The ministry’s entire main building as well as 7 of its other subsidiaries are now controlled and monitored via BMS Software OPENweb. In addition to the installed BMS server, the service staff are also equipped with Android tablets featuring the OPENweb App enabling them to work from anywhere.

Project details at a glance

DEOS Software

  • DEOS BACnet

Products and solutions

  • bacnet

IKEA Furniture Stores, Germany

Since the opening of the first IKEA furniture store in the near of Munich in October 1974, the furniture chain, founded in Sweden in 1943, has developed into a major player of the German furniture sector.

With the construction of the largest IKEA branch of Germany in Berlin-Lichtenberg IKEA Verwaltungs GmbH decided for the energy-efficient building automation of DEOS AG. Since 2010 several IKEA furniture stores throughout Germany were therefore equipped with DEOS technology. Thus, the head office in Hofheim-Wallau can monitor and control the systems of these branches from a distance through the building management system OPENweb.

Project details at a glance

DEOS Software

  • OPENweb

Products and solutions

  • openweb

DEOS AG, Germany

Innovative building automation has found a new home: the DEOS headquarters in Rheine. Since the late summer 2014 the latest technologies around building technology has been developed and produced in one of the most modern office and training buildings in Europe. At the same time the new headquarters demonstrates the comprehensive DEOS product portfolio.

The software application OPENapp DALI controls all the multicolored LED lights in the building complex, so that the temperature range of the light adjusts to the human biorhythm throughout the day. Furthermore, the control technology for ventilation systems OPENdynamics ensures the perfect room climate in all offices and conference rooms.
The entire building technology is controlled by the building management system OPENweb and can be operated using PCs, tablet and smartphone apps so that conventional switches are no longer needed on the walls.

Project details at a glance

DEOS Software

  • OPENapp DALI
  • OPENdynamics
  • OPENweb

Products and solutions

  • redundanz

Headquarters STABILO, Germany

The renowned Nuremberg producer of writing instruments and cosmetic products is focusing its energy management on OPENenergy.
Energy monitoring software provides consumption and costs of more than 50 meters clearly displayed in graphics and tables, which can neither be viewed on the dashboard or can be printed as a report. Thus, irregularity can be detected in a timely manner, and potential savings identified.

Project details at a glance

DEOS Software

  • OPENenergy
  • OPENweb

Products and solutions

  • openenergy

TV studio NOS, Netherlands

NOS is Holland’s largest news organization. It is a public service broadcasting organization, providing independent news and sports reporting, etc. NOS operates its own production studios.

In 2015, the news studio, including the interconnected control rooms were updated with the DEOS AG products OPENbalance (today: OPENdynamics) and two BACnet controllers OPEN 810/12 EMS. These measures considerably increased the conditions of this specific room situation:
for example, the air speed inside the studios spanning 4,000 qm was optimized as contracted to eliminate all drafts. In addition, the high temperatures caused by the technical equipment inside the studios were reduced to a comfortable level for the employees and studio guests. The ventilation and humidification system were also replaced. The NOS broadcasting company was able to smoothly continue its operations throughout the entire expansion project which entailed approx. 200 data points.

Project details at a glance

DEOS Software

  • OPENdynamics

DEOS Hardware

  • 2 OPEN 810/12 EMS

Products and solutions

  • opendynamics


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