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Solutions Efficient BACnet Engineering

Efficient BACnet Engineering

With our Efficient BACnet Engineering we enable you to implement your BACnet projects efficiently and easily. Benefit from the proprietary DEOS advantages now also in the BACnet world and implement your projects with maximum economic efficiency.

Product highlights

With Efficient BACnet Engineering you benefit from the following features and advantages:

  • Efficiency

    Fast implementation of BACnet projects thanks to AMEV-compliant libraries.

  • Reduced effort

    Optimized workflows, from project planning to the BMS, additionally facilitate BACnet engineering.

  • DEOS Look & Feel

    Macro and template libraries correspond visually and functionally to previous libraries.

  • Practice-oriented

    Joint development of libraries and workflows with our partners.

  • Building blocks for efficient BACnet engineering

    The new DEOS Workflow Efficient BACnet Engineering (EBE) offers a total solution for the efficient and easy implementation of your BACnet projects. Save a lot of time too and rely on our holistic workflow – every relevant BACnet touchpoint will inspire you due to its simplicity and speed. The following building blocks make our BACnet engineering so efficient:

    1. AMEV compliant libraries
    2. Optimized workflows in the engineering tool
    3. Perfectly matched hardware and software

    Thus, we support you in the typical project phases with our practical solution.

    1. AMEV-compliant libraries

    With our AMEV-compliant BACnet macro and template libraries, we cover a large part of the requirements from the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration sectors. We ensure this through practical development on real projects together with our partners. The BACnet libraries represent the central building block for efficient BACnet engineering, as they contain all BACnet information with meaningful default values and – as always with DEOS – also include the graphics layer. The proven system integration libraries, which enable the efficient integration of e.g. Modbus, M-Bus and KNX devices, also reduce future workloads to a minimum.

    2. optimized workflows in the engineering tool

    With our engineering tool OPEN FXL, we offer you optimized workflows to save valuable working time in both project planning and commissioning.

    Efficient mass parameterization

    Particularly important is the efficient mass parameterization of all data points. With predefined and practical workflows, such as the parameterization of the AKS or the reporting classes, efforts can be significantly reduced.

    1:1 test for efficient commissioning

    The integration of 1:1 testing gives you access to all of your project’s information during commissioning, including live views of data points, so you can increase the quality of your projects and further reduce time spent. Avoid unnecessary rework due to improperly commissioned projects or missing documentation.

    3. perfectly matched hardware and software

    Finally, for a holistic view of the workflow, hardware and software products have also been optimized to optimize all relevant BACnet touchpoints.

    B-AWS certified BMS OPENweb

    With our B-AWS OPENweb you can integrate DEOS BACnet controllers into the system quickly and easily. This is because conventions are already taken into account in the BACnet project planning, which ensure seamless integration of the controllers in OPENweb. The integration of 3rd party BACnet devices is also easily possible. Thus OPENweb can be optimally used in DEOS projects as well as in projects with third party products, since the setup of the BMS incl. the data transfer is done in a simple way. graphic is ready in a few minutes – now also in the BACnet world.

    New OPEN.WRX controller generation

    With the new OPEN.WRX controller you are well equipped for BACnet projects. In addition to the fast commissioning via the USB-C interface, you have for the first time the possibility to encrypt BACnet networks via BACnet/SC and thus make them significantly more secure. The data transparency in combination with the new status dashboard also helps you to get an optimal overview of your BACnet project planning at any time.

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