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References Wörtherseestadion
Sports & Entertainment


, Austria
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The Wörthersee Stadium is located in a beautiful landscape of mountain ranges and green hills between Klagenfurt and Lake Wörthersee. After a 20-month construction period, the stadium, which can accommodate 32,000 fans, was completed in time for the start of the 2008 European Football Championship.
To guarantee efficient and environmentally friendly use of energy, all lighting and ventilation systems were equipped with state-of-the-art building management systems from DEOS AG.
Two OPEN 3000 EMS controllers control and regulate over 928 physical data points, six ventilation systems, various vents and cassette air-conditioning units. The entire lighting, blinds and floodlighting control, including the parking spaces in the outdoor areas, are also controlled via the DDC controllers. Fault messages in the stadium’s electrical distribution boards are monitored. Phase monitoring protects the drive units if their one hundred percent supply is not guaranteed.
Evaluation devices for fault current monitoring guarantee increased operational safety. The emergency generator is released and monitored. A load peak shedding circuit ensures that predefined maximum outputs are not exceeded in order to avoid unnecessary costs. The prerequisite for this is the determination of the consumption values that are recorded on a controller or a PC for the building management system.

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