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Solutions Energy monitoring

Transparent energy monitoring and reporting

With our energy monitoring, we offer a tried-and-tested solution for making energy consumption of building services equipment, buildings or entire properties transparent and reducing it to a minimum. Individual reports keep all relevant stakeholders informed at all times.

Product highlights

With our transparent energy monitoring and reporting, you benefit from numerous features and advantages. Discover them now.

  • Data consistency

    Thanks to the enrichment of information in the digital twin, building data is easily accessible for reports, dashboards and for third-party systems.

  • Intuitive dashboards

    Due to the structured data in the digital twin, live data can be visualized quickly and easily in different dashboards.

  • Creation of reports

    Summarize your building data clearly in a report and have it generated automatically.

  • Automatic dispatch of reports

    Transparency in energy consumption can be created, for example, with monthly billing reports on current consumption.

  • Clarity of data flows

    The pro.Building Suite shows the origin, processing and destination for each data point. This way, every user can understand which data is used for what.

  • Extensive connectivity

    The vendor-independent platform enables the connection of different data sources in one data model. Third-party systems can also be connected via Rest-API.

  • Individual user permissions

    The right data in the right place at the right time. Use permissions to ensure that only relevant information is available to the user.

  • Modular customizable

    You only use and pay for the services you need.

  • Optimize building operation and reduce operating costs

    The primary goal is to reduce the energy consumption of HVAC systems, buildings or entire properties to a minimum. Therefore, the first priority is always the energy analysis. This requires sufficient transparency about energy use in the building. We aim to create this transparency as simply as possible, without having to have the know-how for a complicated and elaborate energy management system.

    With our energy monitoring, we offer a proven solution that is manufacturer-neutral and can be used for existing buildings and their already installed TGA systems (retrofit) or in new construction:

    • Data connection of the energy generators and meters
    • Storage and processing of energy data
    • Web-based visualization & operation
    • Automatic energy reports
    • API-based data transfer

    At the heart of our solution is our IoT platform pro.Building Suite, where all data is brought together, stored and further processed. With a standard web browser, the platform can be accessed from any device. Benefit from additional synergy effects: In combination with our BACnet BMS OPENweb, we enable you to optimize your plant operation in terms of energy.

    Customized energy dashboards and energy reports

    The collected energy data is unified on the pro.Building Suite IoT platform and visualized on individually configurable energy dashboards. In this way, the actual data can be easily and conveniently compared with target values or benchmarks and possible efficiency measures can be derived. This also promotes the responsible use of resources among the workforce and sensitizes employees to energy efficiency in the building. Energy reports can be generated automatically in the background and displayed, sent or printed out on a regular basis if desired. This gives the building operator a transparent and simple overview of the building’s energy status and enables him to compare it with his business objectives.

    DEOS Energiemonitoring Dashboard


    The energy data of TGA systems, buildings or properties can be easily recorded by the DEOS solution. With various products and customized solutions, we integrate meters, sensors and other plant components into energy monitoring. In addition to standard MSR protocols such as BACnet or Modbus, the system also supports connectivity via MQTT, LoRaWAN, API or Cloud-2-Cloud connection. For example, ventilation systems can be connected to the pro.Building Suite without costly additional components.

    Manufacturer-neutral energy monitoring

    The central task of energy monitoring is the collection of building data (meter readings, sensor data, weather data, process data, etc.). This data is collected in the DEOS solution by the OPEN GATE multigateway and made available to the pro.Building Suite. The special feature is the manufacturer neutrality – the OPEN GATE can therefore be integrated into any building, even with existing TGA systems from third-party manufacturers. All collected data is uniformly processed and visualized by the IoT platform. This ensures optimum transparency in the building – regardless of which TGA manufacturer you have chosen.
    In addition to energy data, the OPEN GATE can also read out other data and can thus be used for various applications such as manufacturer-independent alarm management.

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