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Products Sensors & Thermostats LoRaWAN Sensors & Thermostats

LoRaWAN sensors and thermostats in the smart building

LoRaWAN sensors make smart building fast and easy: LoRaWAN wireless sensors and thermostats are particularly well suited for retrofitting existing buildings. Discover our LoRa portfolio with smart sensors and thermostats.

Product highlights

With our LoRaWAN sensors and thermostats you benefit from the following features and advantages:

  • High security

    Security is ensured by the encrypted data transmission in the LoRaWAN.

  • Easy retrofitting

    Due to the LoRaWAN radio standard, hardly any cabling is required for installation in the building.

  • Efficient battery drive

    With up to 10 years (depending on sensor type) of battery life, LoRaWAN sensors rarely require maintenance.

  • High building penetration

    The LoRaWAN radio standard has a high range and penetration in the building.

  • Inexpensive infrastructure

    Low deployment costs for the necessary infrastructure such as sensors and gateways.

  • LoRaWAN sensors at a glance

    Integration solutions based on the LoRaWAN radio standard are becoming increasingly popular in retrofit and new construction projects in the field of building automation. The wireless connection of sensors via LoRaWAN offers several advantages over other wireless technologies. The combination of modern DEOS IoT/cloud solutions and LoRaWAN flexibility enables new and efficient usage scenarios: The goal is to relieve technical facility management, reduce operating costs, process building data transparently and inspire building owners with new comfort functions. Take a look at the variety of different LoRaWAN sensors.

    Radiator thermostat DEOS TEO

    Quickly and easily reduce energy consumption by up to 40% with the wireless networked and battery-free radiator thermostat.

    Room air lamp DEOS SAM

    Always keep an eye on the indoor air quality with our indoor air traffic light and thus ensure an optimal climate.

    Other sensors in the portfolio

    In addition to our DEOS LoRaWAN products, our product portfolio also includes sensors from other manufacturers. You need a specific sensor for your project? Feel free to contact us – we will be happy to advise you.

    LoRaWAN multisensors for indoor use

    The elegant surface-mounted housing of the LoRaWAN ERS sensor series brings different sensor data depending on the version. Models are available for temperature and humidity measurement with additional options such asCO2 sensors, light detection, motion sensors, volume and body heat.

    LoRaWAN sensors for outdoor use

    The robust design according to the protection class IP67 or IP66 allows the installation of the multisensors EM300TH and EM500-CO2 in outdoor areas. The EM300-TH provides sensors for temperature and humidity measurement. The EM500-CO2 can also be used to determine theCO2 value, especially outdoors.

    LoRaWAN magnetic window and door contact

    The magnetic contact can be used to transmit the opening status (open or closed) of doors or windows. Use the information to save energy by adjusting the set temperature when the window is opened. In combination with the DEOS TEO battery-free heating thermostat, mechanisms such as windows open, heating off can be easily implemented. Or you can connect the door and window contacts to the security system in your building so that all windows are closed when you leave the building.

    LoRaWAN IO module

    The simplest networking of wired sensors is possible with the LoRaWAN IO module UC-300. For remote control and data acquisition, several interfaces are included for transmission via LoRaWAN. Analog input, digital input, relay output, serial interfaces with RS232 (Transparent) and RS485 (Modbus RTU), PT100 and RTD input are available for selection. In combination with the LoRa gateway, solutions can be implemented in building automation applications.

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