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Here you will find practical information and tips on classic building automation and modern smart buildings in a high-quality format.

Products Connectors

Gateways as connectors of building automation

Gateways have become indispensable in the field of building automation. They translate between the different devices and communication protocols, enabling vendor-neutral data exchange. In the course of the Internet of Things and Building IoT, additional functions are being added to classic building automation. Gateways also play a major role for us: Our gateways combine classic building automation with new approaches such as cloud applications or the integration of IoT platforms as a central monitoring system.

Our gateways at a glance

LoRa gateway

With the LoRa gateway, you collect data from LoRa end devices and make it available to the pro.Building Suite IoT platform or to a building automation system via Modbus.

Multigateway OPEN Gate

The OPEN Gate collects data from TGA devices via BACnet, M-Bus or Modbus and makes them available to third-party systems such as alarm management.

Connect box

With Connect Boxes, you benefit from economical remote access and site networking or building control in the cloud.

Product highlights

  • Flexibility

    Gateways can be used to integrate various applications and devices into the existing building automation system.

  • Synergies

    New features and applications such as integration with IoT platforms to increase data visibility.

  • Preconfigured

    Our connectors are shipped pre-configured and are therefore ready for use without in-depth IT know-how.

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