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LoRa gateway – Data collector in the building

The LoRa gateway serves as a data collector in the building and collects data from the LoRa devices located in the network via the LoRaWAN radio standard. In this context, the DEOS LoRa gateway is specially tailored to the requirements of building automation and offers a direct connection to BA systems with the integrated Modbus interface. This means that LoRa end devices such as sensors can be easily retrofitted in the building and the data can be fed back to the building automation system via radio using the LoRa gateway. Due to the high penetration in the building, the post-digitization of existing buildings using LoRaWAN is very efficient. The flexibility of the power supply – optionally via plug-in power supply or PoE (Power over Ethernet) – and the external communication to the LoRa server via Ethernet, Wifi or LTE also ensures optimal use in the building.

Product highlights

With the DEOS LoRa gateway you benefit from numerous features and advantages. Discover them now.

  • Modbus interface

    With easy integration into building automation systems to smart building.

  • Power over Ethernet

    Flexible positioning of gateways due to Power over Ethernet.

  • High building penetration

    High coverage and penetration in the building ensures low provisioning costs for the necessary infrastructure.

  • Flexible use

    Hardly any cabling required for installation in the building.

  • Efficient setup of the LoRa network

    With the preconfigured DEOS LoRa gateway, entering the world of the Internet of Things is as easy as can be. With the configuration software, the DEOS LoRa Toolkit, even large projects are quickly created and implemented. A large number of LoRa end devices (nodes) can be created very efficiently in the LoRa network, so that wireless communication is immediately ready for use.

    LoRaWAN application examples in the building

    LoRaWAN has clear advantages and is steadily growing in popularity and importance. But what exactly should LoRaWAN solutions be used for in the field of building automation? With application examples from the smart building sector, we present some of the most interesting use cases that you can implement together with us. These include, for example, post-digitization, smart heating control, room air monitoring or smart metering.

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