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Products Actuators (valves & drives)

Drives & valves for building automation

To meet the demanding day-to-day life of actuators, we have placed special emphasis on the durability and reliable operation of our DEOS actuators & valves. Due to the numerous design variants, the actuators as well as the valves are suitable for the most diverse applications and requirements, both for new buildings and for the modernization or expansion of existing plants.

From 2023, the DEOS product portfolio will be complemented by thermal actuators and compatible valves for controlling valves in zone and fan coil applications.

Drives and valves at a glance

Flange valves

With cast iron body, PN 6 and PN 16 in nominal sizes DN 15 to DN 150.

Linear, rotary and damper actuators

With CAN bus for direct control with our OPEN control system.

Small actuators

As thermoelectric actuators for operating valves on heating circuit manifolds, radiators, convectors, etc.

Threaded valves

With gunmetal body, PN 16 in nominal sizes DN 15 to DN 50.

Damper actuators

For motorization of butterfly and control valves.

Control ball valves

Optionally with female or male thread, PN 6 Control elements for hot and cold water circuits in air handling units and heating systems. Additional 6-way characterized control valves for easy realization of combined heating/cooling systems.

Damper and rotary actuators

With BACnet MS/TP incl. Sensor integration thanks to three additional inputs.

Spring return actuators

For dampers with safety function.

Linear actuators

For a wide range of applications in conjunction with threaded and flanged valves, with positioning force from 500 N to 4500 N, partly available as high-speed version or with emergency positioning function.

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