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Solutions Alarm management

Innovative alarm management in building automation

With our innovative alarm management, you always keep an eye on your building technology systems. In the event of a malfunction, you can act quickly and reduce downtime to a minimum. This is how you reduce your costs in technical facility management.

Product highlights

With DEOS alarm management, you benefit from numerous features and advantages. Discover them now.

  • Manufacturer-neutral

    The DEOS alarm management can be used in all plants, regardless of the installed make.

  • Efficient service

    Reduce operating costs by increasing the efficiency of service teams.

  • Maximum security

    IT-secure data communication with maximum cyber protection.

  • Hosted in Germany

    The DEOS IoT platform is hosted in a data center in Germany and is subject to the highest level of data protection.

  • Simple setup

    Web-based configuration of alarms, roles and rights via the DEOS IoT platform.

  • Efficient team management

    Only the assigned service employees & teams receive alarm messages and can process and comment on them.

  • Transparent task distribution

    Due to the clarity, it is directly recognizable who takes care of which message or alarm.

  • Smartphone App

    With push notifications on your technicians’ smartphones, your response times are very low.

  • Reduce costs in technical facility management

    Whether it’s the upcoming modernization of an existing HVAC system or the planning of a new HVAC project, a large portion of a building’s costs are incurred over the years for building operations. There is great savings potential here for building owners, which can be exploited with our modern and digital building automation solutions. Accordingly, the primary goal is to operate the building at its energy optimum. To achieve this condition and ensure efficient operation, we offer a modern solution in the field of alarm management in building automation.

    Holistic & uniform alarm management in building automation

    At the heart of our digital solution is our cloud-based IoT platform. All messages from the integrated HVAC/TGA components reach our DEOS IoT platform via various detectors and are forwarded from there to CAFM systems such as the DEOS Secure AlarmApp as push messages. This means you always have an overview, can act quickly in the event of a malfunction and reduce downtime to a minimum. The DEOS Secure AlarmApp additionally simplifies the daily work of your service teams, reduces service efforts and thus also costs in FM service (Facility Management Service). DEOS alarm management is a holistic and flexible solution that can also be used in third-party systems from different manufacturers.

    Increase efficiency with the AlarmApp

    Experience asset management on a whole new level with the DEOS Secure AlarmApp. To do this, create teams to manage your HVAC assets. As soon as a system message is received, your assigned service employees immediately receive push notifications on their smartphones via the AlarmApp – so you always have an overview, can act quickly in the event of a fault, and increase your customer satisfaction. The DEOS Secure AlarmApp thus simplifies the daily work of your service teams, reduces service efforts and thus also the costs in facility management.

    Free configuration of detectors and users

    The DEOS portal offers you the possibility to customize master data, both of users and of your assets. As an administrator, you define the permissions of your service technicians: either assign a user corresponding permissions to a detector or assign the corresponding service technicians to a detector. Likewise, you can appoint coordinators for efficient distribution of incoming messages and tasks in the DEOS Secure AlarmApp. In doing so, you freely customize your team management according to your individual needs.

    Flexible and manufacturer-independent alarm indicators

    Multigateway OPEN GATE

    The OPEN GATE can be integrated into BACnet or Modbus networks regardless of the manufacturer, collect the existing alarm messages and forward them to the message management system.

    OPEN DDC controller

    Our OPEN DDC controllers with firmware 1.064 and higher can transmit local fault messages from the network directly to the message management.

    BACnet GLT OPENweb

    As a certified B-AWS, our in-house developed BMS can provide both BACnet messages and proprietary messages to the message management system.

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