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Here you will find practical information and tips on classic building automation and modern smart buildings in a high-quality format.

Products IoT platform

With the IoT platform to the smart building

The DEOS pro.Building Suite is an IoT platform for digital monitoring and reporting as well as control of buildings and building data. Ensure transparency in the building and rely on our smart building platform.

Product highlights

With our Smart Building platform, you benefit from numerous features and advantages. Discover them now.

  • Everything at a glance

    Cloud-based IoT platform as a concentration point of relevant building data.
  • Access via web browser

    Create and view dashboards, reports, and operator cockpits directly in the web browser.
  • Hosted in Germany

    Hosting of the systems in a German data center that complies with ISO EN 50600 and is certified according to ISO EN 27001.
  • Modular

    Modular connection of system components, manufacturer-independent via BACnet, Modbus or M-Bus, LoRaWAN etc.
  • Simple licensing model

    Use of the pro.Building Suite already attractive for smallest plants.
  • Ready-made use cases

    Solutions for modern energy monitoring as well as suitable for the new heating cost regulation (HKVO).
  • Monitoring

    Komplexe Berechnungen zur Überwachung von Datenpunkten.

  • Uniform operation

    Coordinated user interface for the DEOS TEO battery-free heating thermostat.
  • Digital twin

    Get the digital image of the physical building with pro.Building Suite and benefit from maximum transparency.
  • Modules of the Smart Building Platform

    With the modules of the pro.Building Suite we serve the different use cases from practice. These include, for example, energy monitoring and reporting, remote meter reading, monitoring of indoor air quality, simple control of building services such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning or lighting, or live analysis via customizable dashboards. Thanks to its modular design, the Smart Building platform can be expanded at any time to meet your requirements. For example, meta information such as the serial number, installation type or installation date of the end device can be stored in the digital twin or, for example, third-party systems can be easily connected via the various interfaces.


    Keep a live overview with customizable dashboards. No matter whether you want to monitor energy consumption, the number of people, room temperatures orCO2 levels in the indoor air. In this way, the actual data can be easily and conveniently compared with target values or benchmarks and possible efficiency measures can be derived.

    The reports from the pro.Report module can be individually designed and automatically sent at regular intervals to a defined group of people, e.g. by e-mail. The reports are also available via standard browser. From freely selectable diagram types and colors, individual time intervals to the import of historical building data, building operators receive a transparent and simple overview of energy consumption, system performance, building utilization or indoor air quality.


    With pro.Cockpit, you can design individual user interfaces and use them as a digital operating option via PC, smartphone or room control unit. This way you control your building simply via a standard browser: Whether the operation of light, shading, temperature, individual scenes or the closing of floor protection doors. In modern smart buildings or in post-digitized existing buildings, the pro.Cockpit also makes operation smart.

    Pro.Tenant Management

    Use our special interface for tenant management and tenant changes. Here you can manage the entire meter landscape of a property and assign it to the corresponding tenants. Don’t lose track during billing periods – tenant changes can already be entered in the future or past. Prepare monthly consumption statements as required by the new Heating Cost Ordinance (HKVO). With our customizable reports, you can send this information monthly and fully automated to the tenants stored in the system. In this way, you achieve maximum transparency of energy consumption without high internal expenses.


    Do you want to monitor connected data intelligently? Then use our comprehensive data point monitoring in the pro.Metrics module. Use the information from an electricity meter and respond to unexpectedly high power spikes by monitoring current power. Or create a dew point monitor for your building by using their temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the dew point. By linking the data points in the calculation formula, moisture problems can be detected in time. For more scenarios around data point monitoring and anomaly detection, feel free to contact us.


    Reduce the energy consumption of your building with the DEOS TEO battery-free heating thermostat. Use the appropriate user interface on our pro.Building Suite. With customizable time programs such as the working time and vacation calendar or the temperature reduction overnight, the temperature for predefined rooms, floors or entire buildings is controlled centrally and automatically. In the pro.TEO module, the current room temperature and the operating mode of the thermostat can be read and changed. It is easy to operate via standard browser on smartphone, tablet or PC.

    Manufacturer-neutral & multitude of interfaces

    Via standardized interfaces, the pro.Building Suite offers import and export, direct interaction with the plant technology or with already existing third-party systems, such as accounting software, EMS, CAFM and many more.

    • BACnet, M-Bus, Modbus
    • LoRaWAN
    • MQTT
    • REST API
    • CSV export & import

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