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Products DEOS onSite

DEOS onSite –
Complete solution for the efficient commissioning of building automation systems

With DEOS onSite, we want to reduce your high and often non-transparent costs. Find out today about the benefits of our commissioning tool.

DEOS onSite App


  • Time saving during test execution

    Approx. 30-40% time saving per data point (1:1 test):

    • Test carried out with one person instead of two.
    • Reduced distance by performing tests directly on the field device.
    • Even a small project with 200 data points can save one working day!
  • Automatic test report

    • Comprehensive test log is automatically generated with the latest status.
    • Solution for the increased enforcement of the standard requirements with regard to commissioning logging in practice.
    • Cross-user and cross-device test log for maximum depth of information with minimum effort.
  • Optimise supplement management

    • Document, prove & invoice additional expenses.
    • Missing or faulty preliminary work by other trades is recorded and documented, enabling the client to be informed at an early stage.
    • Additional expenses can be discussed and invoiced with the person responsible.
  • More projects, more sales

    • Deployment of freed-up technicians in other projects.
    • Handling more projects with the same number of staff.
    • Variable personnel planning through team work function
      incl Documentation with comments/images.
      • Colleagues have all the information about a project in the app and are quickly familiarised with it.
  • Increase competitiveness in tenders

    Reduction of the calculated costs per data point:

    • Time saving per data point
    • Use of less trained technicians through guidance during test execution
  • Quality improvement in the 1:1 test

    • Less rework and a more professional appearance towards the client.
    • “First Time Right” principle reduces costs for rework and repeated journeys to the construction site.
    • Internal process optimisation

      Data transparency enables internal optimisation during the commissioning phase.

      Possible analyses & key figures:

      • Which field device types cause the most additional work?
      • Which preliminary trades/subcontractors cause the most additional work?
      • Which preliminary trades/subcontractors cause the most additional work?
      • Short set-up times for onSite in the office and on the construction site

        • Maximum simple & fast work preparation in 30 minutes!
        • Project synchronisation in the cloud at the touch of a button.
        • Distribution of project data per data point list via QR code.
        • DEOS onSite is presented in the video

          How DEOS onSite works in six steps

          1. Synchronise the data point list

          Synchronise the data point list with the cloud and make the access data available to colleagues via QR code.

          2. Import

          Import the data point list into the DEOS onSite app. To do this, you can scan the QR code or enter the project ID.

          3. Establish connection

          Establish a connection with the automation stations. There are several options available for this (see below).

          4. Test implementation

          Test execution with the DEOS onSite app or the OPEN FXL.

          5. Re-synchronisation

          Synchronisation of DEOS onSite with the cloud and OPEN FXL.

          6. Export test report

          Export automatically created test report.

          DEOS onSite connection setup

          With the DEOS onSite app, the 1:1 test of all data points in the building can be carried out directly on the respective field device. The communication between the onSite app and the automation stations is carried out either via WLAN or LTE. This makes it possible to cover almost all areas in to cover a building. The same range of functions is available for all other data points in the OPEN FXL are available for stationary testing.

          1. DEOS Connect Box:

          • Purpose: Per project
          • Project phase: Commissioning & maintenance
          • Connection types: Cloud (LTE)

          2. DEOS onSite-Box

          In realisation

          • Purpose: cross-project
          • Project phase: Commissioning
          • Connection types: Cloud (LTE) & local (WiFi)

          3. OPEN FXL Toolkit:

          • Purpose: cross-project
          • Project phase: Project planning & commissioning
          • Connection types: local (Ethernet)

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