BACnet Building Management System BMS OPENweb

Energy-efficient monitoring & control of your buildings via web browser

The web-based and B-AWS certified BACnet building management system (BMS) OPENweb is specially developed for the monitoring and control of HVAC systems as well as zone and room control in buildings – from your local computer or any location via mobile end devices. For this purpose, an HTML 5 Web Client (operation via browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.), a desktop client and an app are available. With the graphical visualisation you can always keep an eye on your building, and with our intelligent control strategy you can also ensure operation at the optimum energy level. System faults and alarms are communicated directly via the internal Event Control Center (ECC) and can be sent to your service staff via the DEOS Secure AlarmApp. So you can act quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to the scalability of OPENweb, the software is suitable for almost any project – whether that be in offices, hotels, schools or swimming pools. From the smallest application to large and complex projects with redundancy requirements. You can choose whether OPENweb should be implemented locally on your computer or as a modern cloud solution. Thanks to the cloud solution, even small building automation projects with 100 data points or more can benefit from a comprehensive BMS in the subscription model. Benefit from our IT expertise – our DEOS IT experts are always available to support and advise you.

From secure remote maintenance and simple system integration to economical site networking of your properties – OPENweb is the right BMS for your individual projects and requirements.

NEW! OPENweb Upgrade Campaign

Upgrade to OPENweb 10 now and reap real savings! Explore our campaign packages and discover the advantages of OPENweb 10.

NEW: OPENweb 10 with Web Client

Building management now also in web browser

With the OPENweb 10 Web Client, you can access your systems regardless of the platform via HTML5 and a web browser. Save yourself the installation of additional software on authorised-access computers and stay as flexible as possible. Thanks to the intuitive user interface design and simple operation, the Web Client is the ideal tool for operating your systems.

Flexible integration

OPENweb stands for flexibility: it integrates plants and systems from different manufacturers and ensures communication between various bus systems and products using standardised protocols and interfaces – even from third-party manufacturers. Use our BMS simply and without problems in existing plants (retrofit) or in new buildings. Custom implementations are also possible on request.

Time-saving system graphics

The graphics for the visualisation of your system are created fully automatically during programming with the programming tool OPEN FXL and the DEOS libraries for all end devices. This saves you valuable employee resources and ensures uniform presentation on all end devices and platforms. The generated system graphics can then be retrieved via the integrated web server OPENview on the controller or via our BACnet BMS OPENweb. System programming with DEOS is really that simple!

Practical in-house development

OPENweb is an in-house product, which has been further developed together with our system partners – this market-oriented approach makes our software so special. Avoid overloaded building management systems whose functions and operating concept are hard to beat in terms of complexity. We intentionally keep the functional scope of our BMS streamlined: only what is really relevant is also integrated. This reduces your training time and increases the user-friendliness of OPENweb. The installation effort of less than an hour is already unparalleled in the industry.

Innovative alarm management

The innovative alarm management makes OPENweb so special: system faults and alarms are communicated directly via the internal Event Control Center and can be automatically received as a push message by your service staff via the DEOS Secure AlarmApp. Coordinate your service calls more efficiently than ever before and access app functions such as fault assignment, technician chat, and service history. HVAC services have never been so easy!

Traditional or modern?

Building management systems are so simple with OPENweb Cloud!

Avoid expensive hardware for your BMS server on site, troublesome installation and update procedures or additional personnel costs for the maintenance of your BMS software. With OPENweb Cloud you can rely not only on a user-friendly BMS but also on software as a service. We deliver your BMS on our DEOS high performance servers (located in Germany), always keep OPENweb up to date and support you with our IT experts at any time. Opt for manageable monthly installments instead of large investments. It does not matter how small or large your HVAC system is: planning starts with 100 data points on a data point basis. BACnet and physical data points are treated equally. In this way even small plants can benefit from the advantages of a fully-fledged BMS such as OPENweb.

In addition to our worry-free service, we also offer you exclusive advantages in the cloud version: you will receive our modular extensions such as the OPENweb Event Control Center or the event server free of charge in addition to the cloud subscription. So you can enjoy the full functionality of OPENweb.

OPENweb Cloud – this is how we make the future!

Which service suits you best? The choice is up to you!

The graphical operating concept of our BMS is above all one thing – simple! Whether using a PC, smartphone or tablet – you can operate OPENweb as flexibly as you wish. The graphical display of the system makes operation a breeze and even more intuitive. This allows employees without any previous knowledge to monitor and control the room and system parameters.

NEW: Web Client

With the Web Client of OPENweb 10, you can monitor and control your systems platform-independently (Android/iOS/Windows/…) thanks to HTML 5 and a web browser. Access your system from any end device without installing additional software. This way you remain maximally flexible.

Mobile app

Optimised for Android smartphones and tablets, the HVAC system monitoring and control via our OPENweb App and OPENview App is possible – no matter whether you are in your own building or on the road.

Desktop client

With the OPENweb ControlPanel, your building management system can be operated completely and graphically from your PC. You can easily access all parameters of your heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting technology. The Desktop Client is mainly used to configure the systems.

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Product highlights

Intuitive, secure, scalable!


With the HTML5 Web Client of OPENweb 10 you can access your systems via web browser.

OPENweb is our B-AWS certified BACnet building management system

Joint development with our system partners and market requirements

Graphic recording and representation of trend data and history

OPENweb covers the entire spectrum from the smallest project as a cloud BMS to large projects

Also available from 100 data points in the cloud subscription as software as a service – building automation has never been so easy!

OPENweb can be individually expanded to provide, for example, interfaces to hotel booking systems (Fidelio)

With the intuitive alarm and message management as well as the Secure AlarmApp, you can respond flexibly and quickly to system faults

With OPENweb you can always keep an eye on your systems and ensure optimum energy efficiency

The graphic visualisation facilitates the operation of your building services systems

Our BMS OPENweb can be installed and prepared for operation in less than an hour. That's only possible with DEOS!

OPENweb in detail


Range of functions

  • User-specific security access levels
  • Assignment of individual views
  • Logging of user logins, logouts and operations with date, time and user name
  • Logging of parameter changes with date, time, old and new value carried out using OPENweb
  • User-specific security access levels
  • Graphic representation and recording of trend data
  • Unlimited number of trend curves in each diagram
  • Free and individual selection of trend data from different controllers
  • Free parameterisation of the ordinate for each trend curve
  • Zoom function for the clear visualisation of subsections
  • Print function
  • CSV export for further processing with external programs, e.g. Excel
  • Logging the trend data in a history when values change
  • Freely configurable query interval for each data point
  • Automatic connection for local OPEN EMS controllers
  • Individual representation of installation graphics
  • Process-orientated animation of graphic objects
  • Number of supported image formats: vector graphic WMF, SVG as well as JPG, PNG, GIF, animated GIF
  • Representation of system graphics with graphic objects for the visualisation of target, actual and event data as images, sliders, columns, texts, lines, colour objects
  • Proprietary standard TCP/IP connection (intranet or Internet)
  • Proprietary TCP/IP connection on demand (intranet or Internet)
  • Remote data transmission (e.g. via modem)
  • BACnet/IP (expansion module)
  • Automatic history of events and messages


The event server organises and manages the messages. Individual user profiles ensure that the message is always sent to the right place.

  • Message forwarding via SMS, e-mail, fax, ESPA-X etc.
  • Message forwarding via push service, e.g. to the Secure AlarmApp
  • Assign messages according to groups
  • Recipient of messages can be specifically configured according to time period
  • Submission of shipping information

This is a TCP/IP and XML-based communication protocol for controlling wireless paging installations. Through the ESPA-X service in the event server and an external ESPA-X server, the following additional functions can be activated:

  • Text-to-speech, reading-out of text messages on mobile and landline phones
  • The event server receives a real transmission confirmation. One of the pushbuttons on the terminal must therefore be pressed as confirmation

The Event Control Center (ECC) is the central software for displaying and handling messages (alarms and events). It provides the ability to configure user-specific views for the display and therefore shows all relevant information directly to the user. In addition to the chronological recording of acknowledgements, events such as alarms and messages can be processed and filtered.

  • Managing, displaying and processing messages (alarms and events)
  • Interface can be configured for specific users

This module makes the room allocation such as Check-In, Check-Out and Pre-Check-In available as BACnet object. Each BACnet device in the network can access this information. Automatic readout and adjustment of room allocation on system start.

  • Software module for linking to the Fidelio hotel booking system via BACnet protocol


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