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Today’s BMS and other software systems are frequently installed in buildings along with hardware components in most BA projects. This model does not always sufficiently meet the needs and demands of building owners and operators. The conventional operating model has clear disadvantages: maintenance is complex and inflexible, investment costs for the necessary hardware and software are high and remote access for remote monitoring or maintenance is hardly possible.

DEOS Secure Network is a practical cloud solution for innovative BA projects of all sizes and begins right here. It consists of a total of four product modules:

These product modules can be used individually or combined to form a modern BA total solution. DEOS Secure Network can be used in new projects as well as in existing buildings with building automation components from third-party manufacturers. It uses an open system structure based on standard IP technology. Building automation has never been so easy!


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Secure Connect

Our Connect boxes enable secure remote access and economical site networking – access your BMS around the clock using any end device.


Secure CloudApplications

OPENweb Cloud offers a complete BMS from 100 data points. This reduces your costs – save troublesome installation and update procedures as well as maintenance and servicing costs.

Secure AlarmApp

Access system messages from your BMS whilst on the move. With the help of improved service coordination, push messages, technician chat or route planning, the Secure AlarmApp simplifies the day-to-day work of your service staff and reduces your service expenses. This benefits FM companies, MCR service providers and end customers.


Secure Services

DEOS IT experts are at your disposal from the analysis stage prior to implementation, and will guide you through the development of individual security concepts right up to the maintenance of the system. In this way we support your MCR competence with our IT expertise for mutual success.

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Solution highlights

Innovative, simple, flexible!


Use DEOS BMS OPENweb Cloud even for very small projects from 100 data points and benefit from the full range of functions

DEOS Secure Network significantly reduces investment costs in building automation projects due to economic location networking and the cloud BMS

DEOS Secure AlarmApp reduces your service expenses through improved service coordination, push messages, or technician chat

DEOS Secure Network can be used in new and existing buildings and even with building automation components from other manufacturers

With Secure Connect and Secure CloudApplications you can keep an eye on your systems from anywhere in the world using any end device

New locations/properties can be easily connected to the Secure Network via a Connect box and centrally controlled and managed

DEOS Connect boxes protect your system with a firewall according to the highest security standards against unauthorised access and cyber attacks

The pre-configured Connect boxes and remote access via LTE at the early stages of construction make commissioning very easy

Even without your own IT department, you can benefit from the advantages of the DEOS Secure Networks – our IT experts will be happy to support you


Broschüre DEOS Secure Network

Brochure DEOS Secure Network

Practical Cloud Solution download
Broschüre OPENweb

Brochure OPENweb

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