OPEN EMS DDC Controller

Central intelligence in buildings

Our OPEN EMS (DDC controllers) provide the central intelligence in your building as cloud ready controllers. They are used for integrated building and room automation and special HVAC applications. The main task of the controllers is the control, regulation and monitoring of your technical building systems and to ensure optimum energy efficiency. The OPEN EMS platform promises to reduce energy costs in buildings and at the same time increase comfort for building users. To ensure IT security in the building, our DDC controllers are equipped with an innovative firewall according to the highest security standards. In addition, system graphics can be displayed directly on the controller via the integrated HTML5 web server OPENview. From affordable compact controllers to powerful native BACnet building controllers (B-BC) with redundancy solutions, the DEOS portfolio offers you the optimum DDC controller for your project.

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System openness

The system openness and the diverse interfaces and protocols make the OPEN EMS controllers exceptionally flexible to use. In order to meet project requirements, they can be extended via the CAN-bus by up to 198 input and output modules. The IO modules can be positioned up to 5 km from the controller.

Time-saving programming

You can choose whether you want to program the OPEN EMS freely or use the preconfigured and time-saving DEOS libraries. By using the template or macro library, programming work can be reduced by up to 90% and programming errors avoided.

Integrated HTML5 web server

The powerful integrated HTML5 web server OPENview is available on every controller from the OPEN EMS product range. You can access them decentrally via the Internet or Intranet. OPENview enables graphical visualisation and operation of your system even via remote access, which is not only simple but also saves you valuable time.

Integrated Service & Security Center

With the OPEN EMS Service & Security Center and the integrated IT security functions, your DDC controllers and your building automation are protected against unauthorised access and cyber attacks from outside. The installation and setup of the firewall is intuitive and can be implemented via preconfigured security modes without any in-depth IT knowledge.

Product highlights

Cloud-ready, powerful, secure!


Guarantees high quality and durability thanks to production on our own innovative SMD production line

Guarantees you maximum flexibility in your projects

Enable easy on-site maintenance without communication failures and the serial cabling (daisy chain) of controllers reduces cabling effort

Realise time savings of up to 90% by using DEOS libraries for system programming

Equipped with integrated HTML5 web server OPENview for system visualisation

Highest possible operational reliability due to redundant system structure, HTTPS and integrated firewall

DIN-rail mounting allows easy integration into the switch cabinet on site

Multiple certifications according to international standards such as AMEV / BTL

Ready for use with the new DEOS BMS OPENweb Cloud

Controllers at a glance


Broschüre OPEN EMS Automationsstationen

Brochure OPEN EMS

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DEOS Systemtopologie

DEOS System Topology

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