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Products Sensors & Thermostats Pressure sensor Presigo

Pressure sensor Presigo

Presigo is a range of pressure sensors equipped with one or two pressure sensors, two universal inputs, two universal outputs and an RS485 interface for Modbus RTU communication. This series of pressure sensors is particularly well suited as decentralised input/output modules for ventilation controllers. They are designed for easy installation in conjunction with the Regin controller Corrigo.

Product highlights

With our Presigo pressure sensor you benefit from numerous features and advantages. Discover them now.

  • Sensortechnology

    Sensor technology with very high accuracy and excellent long-term stability.

  • Easy installation

    Easy installation and set-up.

  • Practical for the controllers

    Adds up to four inputs and two outputs to the controller.

  • Temperature

    The ambient temperature is -25°C to + 50°C.

  • Assembly

    The pressure sensor can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

  • Cost savings with the pressure sensor Presigo

    The sensor operates as a Modbus slave and relieves the controller of up to two analogue inputs for pressure, two universal inputs and two universal outputs. This means that less wiring is required, which reduces both material costs and labour. By using medical-grade MEMS dual-chip sensors, the sensor offers very high accuracy and excellent long-term stability.

    Presigo convinces with easy installation and set-up

    Installation of the Presigo pressure sensor is simple as the unit has three separate cable entries, a large angled terminal connection and ample space for wiring. Communication configuration is both flexible and simple, as it can be done either via an easy-to-navigate menu system or via Modbus.

    Simple control of a ventilation system

    The Presigo PDTX is designed to be used together with the Regin compact ventilation controller Corrigo 5, so it is possible to control a ventilation system with 3 sequences and 2 EC fans using a Corrigo VCA152DW-4 with two Presigo PDTX. The two Presigo are mounted close to the two fans so that the pressure sensors are used e.g. for measuring the pressure, the operating message of the fan, the two universal inputs for measuring the supply air or extract air temperature, the connection e.g. of the filter message and the two universal outputs for controlling the EC fan and as a release for the fan. This ensures low costs, as a Corrigo VCA152DW-4 with 2 Presigo PDTC is cheaper than a Corrigo VCA283DW-4.

    Thanks to Modbus RTIU communication, the Presigo PDTX can also work together with a central DEOS controller.

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