Message gateway OPEN GATE

Manufacturer-independent, uniform alarm management for every HVAC system

OPEN GATE allows uniform alarm management for all HVAC systems. It makes no difference whether the HVAC system is controlled by products from external manufacturers or by DEOS products. The message gateway OPEN GATE collects messages from all HVAC components and systems integrated in the network, regardless of the manufacturer. The gateway uses the standard BACnet protocol for this purpose. It can be retrofitted in existing HVAC systems at any time without additional programming and has no effect on the existing control of the system.

The alarms are forwarded as a push notification to the AlarmApp of the assigned service technicians via the message management function on our IoT platform. This ensures fast response times in the event of a fault. External CAFM systems can also be connected and used.

Product highlights

Manufacturer-independent, flexible, easy!


The OPEN GATE collects BACnet system messages from HVAC components in the network

The high flexibility of the OPEN GATE makes it freely expandable with DEOS or third-party components

Uniform alarm management for every HVAC system - including heterogeneous HVAC systems

The AlarmApp gives you innovative alarm management with helpful team functions for optimal service coordination

Can be retrofitted into existing HVAC systems - even with products from third-party manufacturers

Due to the BACnet communication standard, the OPEN GATE can be used in all HVAC systems


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