DEOS Secure Connect

Secure site networking with remote access

In order to operate HVAC systems optimally, it is essential to keep an eye on them at all times and to react quickly and effectively to alarms or faults. This can be done directly using your end devices – whether that be a smartphone, tablet or PC. DEOS Secure Connect is the basic element of the Secure Network solution. Using Connect boxes, your HVAC system can be enabled for site networking, remote access, the secure portal and the cloud BMS via WLAN/LTE. Depending on requirements, various pre-configured Connect boxes can be selected. And thanks to the highest IT security standards, they protect your system even more effectively against cyber attacks.

Site networking

Our Connect boxes enable economical and secure site networking. Your properties can be networked with each other or to a central location. This reduces above all the investments in hardware and software, as only one central BMS is required for site networking in the cloud or as an on-site solution. Personnel costs for system monitoring are also reduced.

24/7 remote access

Keep an eye on your systems at all times – with the Connect boxes you can monitor and control your buildings regardless of time and location – and irrespective of the platform with a smartphone, tablet or PC. Maintenance work can also be carried out remotely – this improves response times, optimises system operation and reduces costs.


Broschüre DEOS Secure Network

Brochure DEOS Secure Network

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Broschüre OPENweb

Brochure OPENweb

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