Secure Remote Access and Site Networking

Manufacturer-neutral system management via the Connect Portal

To operate HVAC systems at optimum efficiency, today the ability to monitor them and to react quickly and effectively to alarms or faults, regardless of time or place, is absolutely essential.

With the DEOS Connect Box and Connect Portal we enable remote maintenance of a site or system, and provide the capability to network and thus centrally manage, monitor and control a number of properties and systems. Thus, with the Connect Portal you can operate all of your connected properties and systems via a standard browser – regardless of the manufacturer. Use the DEOS solution to optimise your service, particularly for commissioning, building operation and maintenance.

Thanks to the highest IT security standards, such as an SSL-encrypted VPN connection or automatic security updates, the systems are ideally protected from cyber attacks.

Our partners are excited

Maximum IT security

  • Encrypted dial-in and connection – SSL encryption, confidential data traffic via HTTPS and secure VPN connection
  • Automatic security updates – Protection against cyber attacks thanks to the latest security status
  • Deutsches Rechenzentrum (German Computer Centre) – Highest level of data availability in the hosted cloud infrastructure in Rheine
  • Individual user authorisation – User-level authorisation of the login for easier management of personnel changes, for example
  • 2-factor authentication – Increased login security by logging in with 2 factors (user name/password and one-time password via mobile app)

Secure 24/7 remote access

Keep an eye on your systems at all times: With the Connect Portal you can monitor and control your buildings regardless of time and location – with a smartphone, tablet or PC. All web-supported systems can be integrated in the Connect Portal, manufacturer-neutral. Maintenance tasks can also be carried out remotely instead of on site. This improves response times, optimises system operation and lowers costs. With our LTE-capable Connect Boxes you benefit from the many advantages, starting with commissioning.

Clearly organised site networking

Our Connect boxes enable economical and secure site networking. Your properties can be networked with each other or to a central location. First and foremost, this reduces investments in hardware and software: With DEOS site networking, only one central BMS is required for site networking – in the cloud or as an on-site solution. Likewise, personnel costs for system monitoring are also reduced.

Application examples

Simplified commissioning thanks to remote access

Our solution also simplifies the commissioning process: Even without an existing DSL connection, you can access systems via LTE. Typical tasks when commissioning or retroactive adjustment of setpoints or graphic screens, reloading of controllers, and fault rectification can be carried out remotely, with ease and securely. Thus there is no need to travel to the site and services costs can be significantly reduced.

Optimising system operation remotely

When technical building systems are in operation, the situation frequently arises that a customer desires setpoint adjustments or a system reset from manual mode back into auto mode. These requests can be conveniently implemented remotely by means of an integrated Connect Box. Likewise, potential for increased energy efficiency that is identified through remote diagnosis of system operation can be realised by adapting system regulation. All of these capabilities reduce service efforts to a minimum.

Making system maintenance more efficient

The Connect Boxes enable remote execution of regular maintenance tasks. Thus faults can be rectified through evaluation of the event history, without having to send a service team to the building. A preliminary analysis via remote access likewise provides indication of pending maintenance tasks. Thus you are optimally prepared for various maintenance scenarios and deployment can be carried out efficiently.

The advantages summarised

Our solution for remote access and site networking makes commissioning, maintenance and building operation even more economical:

  • Efficient service – Remote access can drastically reduce costs for travel and maintenance
  • Combine properties – Connect a number of systems to a central BMS
  • A complete overview – Manage and operate all integrated systems centrally in one portal
  • Single Sign-On – Through central login management, access is provided to all systems enabled in the Connect Portal
  • Harmonised & manufacturer-neutral – Connection, call-up and operation of all web-supported systems in the building by means of the Connect Portal – regardless of the manufacturer
  • Plug & play solution – Connect Boxes are pre configured and can be installed and used with minimal effort


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