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Blog Intelligent building control: An introduction to I&C technology

Intelligent building control: An introduction to I&C technology

26. July 2023
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Measurement, control and regulation technology (MCR technology) plays a decisive role in building control and automation. In this article, we will look at HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and intelligent building control systems, highlighting various aspects of I&C technology.

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What is MCR building automation?

I&C building automation refers to the integration of measurement, control and regulation technology in buildings. This technology enables efficient control and monitoring of various systems, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and security technology. Energy consumption can also be monitored. The main aim of I&C technology is to optimise the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of buildings.

Which components are part of the I&C technology?

I&C technology comprises a large number of components and systems. Here are some important elements:

Sensors: Sensors record physical variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure and CO2 content. This data serves as input for the control system.

Actuators: Actuators are responsible for controlling the various systems. They can be valves, flaps, motors or switches, for example.

Control systems: Control systems process the input data from the sensors and act according to the programmed control behaviour of the project planner based on predefined parameters. They control the actuators to ensure optimum conditions in the HVAC systems.

DDC controller: Direct Digital Control (DDC) is a method of controlling and monitoring HVAC systems. DDC controllers are used to control individual components or entire systems. They offer precise control options and enable the integration of HVAC systems into higher-level building automation solutions.

What role do HVAC systems play in I&C technology?

HVAC systems are an essential component of I&C technology. They ensure the right indoor climate by controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning in buildings. An intelligent building control system enables these systems to adapt automatically based on the environmental data recorded. This can improve energy efficiency and comfort. Building automation offers the possibility of monitoring and optimising the energy consumption of individual systems, which can lead to cost savings.

Building control products and systems

There are a large number of building control products and systems on the market that are based on I&C technology. These products include DDC controllers, sensors, actuators and control systems.
They offer various functions such as the control of HVAC systems, lighting control, security monitoring and energy consumption optimisation. The selection of a suitable system depends on the specific requirements of the building.


I&C technology plays an important role in building control and automation. It enables the efficient control and monitoring of HVAC systems and other building automation systems such as lighting and security technology. By integrating sensors, actuators and control systems, buildings can be made more energy-efficient, more comfortable and safer. The continuous development of building control products and systems offers new possibilities for intelligent building control and contributes to improving the overall efficiency of buildings.

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