New certified data centre

Accommodating the increasing demand for building automation

DEOS has further expanded its data centre capacity (DC capacity) to meet the growing demand for cloud-based services. Starting September 2022, DEOS will be offering its cloud-based solutions in a new certified data centre that meets the requirements stipulated in ISO EN 50600 and is certified in accordance with ISO EN 27001. Among other things, these standards define the requirements imposed on the electrical supply, air conditioning, cabling, fire protection systems and security systems and specify criteria for the secure operation of data centres.

Cloud services and IoT platforms have become indispensable components of building automation. Regardless of whether we are talking about the cloud BMS from DEOS, the IoT data platform ‘pro.Building Suite’ (e.g. for energy monitoring/data exchange relating to accounting systems), or the DEOS portal for remote maintenance and site networking of buildings, in the end, the demand-based provisioning of IT resources, guaranteed compliance with safety standards and reduced support and maintenance work speak in favour of a cloud-based solution.

Now even higher standards

A German operating company is behind the new certified data centre in Rheine. We continue to operate our server hardware in the server rack cabinets of the data centre. It is only three minutes away from the headquarters of DEOS AG. The hosting service in the adjacent data centre allows us to offer our customers even higher quality products while we have full access to our hardware. This way, our customers can continue to enjoy the prompt service they have grown accustomed to from DEOS. Upon request, our customers are welcome to visit the new data centre.