Cloud-based energy monitoring helps reduce building operating costs

Energy analysis reveals savings potential

In order to guarantee efficient HVAC operation, data from the building and its technical systems are first needed. The way in which these systems interact with each other is often complex and dependent on many factors.

The primary goal is to reduce energy consumption of TBE systems, buildings or entire properties to a minimum. Therefore, the energy analysis of energy use in the building is the top priority. With our energy monitoring, we offer a solution that has been proven in practice, allowing you to see how much energy is consumed in the building and precisely where it is consumed. This reveals the savings potential, displays the consumption and its history, and shows comparisons with other parts of the building and periods of use.

The first step is the provision of a reliable meter connection, for example, cable-based via M-Bus or wireless via LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN is particularly suitable for the post-digitisation of existing buildings because of its high range and penetration in the building, its long battery life of up to 10 years and low cabling requirements.

At the heart of the DEOS solution is our IoT platform pro.Building Suite. This is where all the data is consolidated, stored and further processed. Energy reports can be generated automatically in the background and displayed, sent or printed out regularly if desired. This provides you with a transparent and simple overview of the energy status of your building. In addition to energy data, other sensor data, such as temperature, CO2, humidity, presence detection and people count, can be stored, visualised and processed in the pro.Building Suite. This allows further application scenarios such as cleaning on demand, flex desk or presence-guided control.

With our cloud-based energy monitoring and reporting solution, you can easily manage multiple buildings, different locations as well as entire portfolios.