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News 55 years of DEOS AG: 1967 – 2022

55 years of DEOS AG: 1967 – 2022

19. January 2022
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Developing solutions for the energy optimisation of buildings for 55 years

It was exactly 55 years ago that the Plüth family from Rheine started optimising the energy consumption of buildings. Today, managed under the DEOS AG brand, we develop and produce solutions for saving energy in offices, hotels or public facilities. Our employees have been actively shaping the fast-moving market of building automation for 55 years and are also setting important benchmarks for the future. After all, topics relating to the digitalisation of buildings such as IoT/cloud, remote maintenance, LoRaWAN sensor connections or IT security are more important than ever.

In our anniversary year, we would like to take you on our journey, look back on times past and show you what we are working on for the future.

Thomas Patzelt

3 business areas – this is what makes DEOS AG so unique

“Our origins are in classic building automation and we combine this with modern IoT solutions for the digitalisation of buildings. Our entrepreneurial model with three collaborating business areas under the umbrella of DEOS AG is unique on the market”, Stefan Plüth summarises the DEOS AG model.

It is essential for us as a manufacturer of cutting-edge building automation systems to customise our product and service portfolio to meet the market needs and to demonstrate our drive to innovate with new technologies and solutions. DEOS AG is divided into three business areas that work closely together to take into account the market environment and to continue to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. In this way, we combine our expertise and competence in the areas of TBE, HVAC, MCR and IT for a future-oriented corporation. This is what sets DEOS AG apart from its competitors and what makes us unique in the industry.

DEOS Control Systems

“DEOS Control Systems” is the central unit of DEOS AG today, presenting the core business area of DEOS AG as a manufacturer of building automation. This is where innovative hardware and software products are being developed and produced for the automation of buildings and facilities at the in-house production lines for surface-mounted devices (SMDs). The feedback from well over 300 system partners worldwide forms the basis for our products and solutions and the ideas from the business areas “DEOS Building Automation” and “DEOS Building IT” area also incorporated into the product and solution portfolio of “DEOS Control Systems”. In this way, we ensure and guarantee market-aligned development that is in step with actual practice.

DEOS Building Automation

The roots of DEOS AG stretch back to the business area of “DEOS Building Automation”, which is regionally involved in Rheine and Oberhausen, Germany, as a system integrator and DEOS product user in the digitalisation and automation of buildings and facilities. Its service portfolio ranges from the implementation of building automation projects to the maintenance and servicing of HVAC systems. In this way, we are learning from using our own products and solutions every day and can systematically develop them further.

DEOS Building IT

Owing to the merging of the two worlds of IT and TBE, “DEOS Building IT” is developing cutting-edge solutions for the digitalisation of buildings and facilities. DEOS BIT can thus be described as an agile think tank of DEOS AG that links the areas of IT and BA in new ways, and, with the drive to innovate, further advances the industry. The close collaboration with the business area of “DEOS Building Automation”, time and again, poses practical challenges to our innovations. Tried and tested products and solutions are incorporated into the comprehensive DEOS product and solution portfolio.

We look forward to the next 55 years and many more years to come

We are optimistic about the future, as the global building automation market has enormous potential for growth and offers secure, sustainable jobs. This is because the energy transition and the issue of sustainability have become enormously important in recent years. For example, the 2030 target of the German energy transition calls for a 27% reduction in primary energy consumption compared to 2008. The energy optimisation of existing buildings contributes significantly to this goal. We want to counteract the sluggish renovation rate of only about 1% p.a. and create new incentives with our solutions and products.

That is why we work passionately every day on intelligent solutions for building automation. As the automation and digitalisation expert, we are committed to optimising energy efficiency in buildings, and making an important contribution to the future. We also believe in a true partnership with personal contact to our global system partners.

We would like to thank all our partners, associates and committed employees for the past 55 years and look forward to the next 55 years – for buildings that inspire.