NEW: OPENweb 10 with Web Client

You can now experience all the advantages of our building management system in your web browser

The new release means that you can now experience all the advantages of our BACnet building management system OPENweb in your web browser. Thanks to HTML 5, all functions can be operated via a standard browser – we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This new, intuitive operating concept simplifies everyday work while also reducing the training requirements. Furthermore, it will not be necessary to install additional software in the future. For the time being, the individual functions will continue to be configured in the OPENweb ControlPanel. You can find more information and technical details about OPENweb 10 in the DEOS Portal.

Range of functions in the Web Client:

  • Graphic pages & individual system tree
  • ECC (Event Control Center) & ECC configuration
  • Trend visualisation & recipes
  • User account basic functions

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Simple design and new user interface enable intuitive operation
  • Rapid familiarisation through reduction to the essential operating functions
  • New ECC and trend visualisation functions reduce your workload
  • Multi-tasking by opening in several browser tabs enables efficient operation
  • Short loading times through direct connection by entering the IP address in the browser

ECC in the browser

Manage and edit incoming event messages in the browser with OPENweb 10 and the Web-ECC. You get the benefit of new functions such as quick filters, a more modern user interface and clearer message display. All of this allows you to work efficiently with the Web-ECC. Other functions and advantages you can expect:

  • BACnet detailed view: The new detailed view allows you to find all relevant BACnet information on the respective event
  • Quick filter: Enable the quick filter for a better overview of pending and unacknowledged messages
  • Web ECC configuration: Easily create individual ECCs with the practical new building block logic in the browser

Trend visualisation in the browser

Trend visualisation is also one of the functions that can be used in the browser with the new OPENweb 10. Here, too, the user interface has been adapted to ensure simple, intuitive operation. In addition to this adaptation, the new Recipe Wizard is also available. This allows you to easily create recipes through a guided process and retrieve them over and again.

  • Visualisation of several trend lines and the associated axes simplified by colour coding
  • Recipe Wizard ensures the simplified, error-free creation of recipes with multiple data points
  • New user interface and user guidance provide greater convenience for the user