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Core products for building automation still available at short notice

The most important thing for us as DEOS AG is to continue to guarantee our ability to deliver and to remain a future-proof and reliable partner for you. Despite the current tense situation on the global procurement market, we have invested heavily in our ability to deliver – and with success: we can deliver the DEOS core products manufactured in-house, such as OPEN EMS DDC controllers, SRU room controllers, IO modules and LVBs, at short notice. The stock coverage of these core products is constantly kept at 3 to 4 months, which means that we can respond to orders quickly and efficiently.

Klaus Steffen, Head of Materials Management at DEOS AG



“Currently, we are very successful in counteracting the supply difficulties associated with bought-in products and on the global semiconductor market. As a result, DEOS production continues to run reliably and we are able to supply our DEOS partners on time,”

In the case of bought-in products such as touch PCs, actuators or sensors, we too – like all other manufacturers – are affected by the current supply chain problems and production backlogs. However, the DEOS purchasing team is making every effort to keep procurement times and prices as low as possible for DEOS partners. To be realistic and honest, however, we do have to expect some gaps in supply from the manufacturers of bought-in products.


Need DEOS products at short notice? Questions for our purchasing team?

Feel free to contact our DEOS experts in person at any time. We will be happy to support you and help you to complete your projects successfully and on time.

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