Planners for building automation

Energy-efficient thanks to effective TBE planning

We understand the importance of well-planned technical building equipment (TBE), which is why we would like to support you in planning TBE projects. Rising costs for energy and more exacting requirements to be met by owners demand new solutions from you and your planning, so that energy costs and operating expenses for buildings continue to remain low. Building automation systems from DEOS provide for energy efficiency, keep expenses low and meet exacting IT security requirements.

Expertise spanning all trades is needed to optimally adapt a building automation project to the requirements of a specific property. We, as manufacturer along with our certified system partners, will personally assist and support you with TBE project planning. Expertise gained from well over fifty years in the trade will help you reduce the time required for planning and you will benefit from comprehensive technical support services and receive tools and libraries for project planning.

This enables you to fully meet the requirements of the owners and successfully implement your TBE projects in a time-effective manner.

System planning that meets high quality standards

There are various sub-divisions that make up modern technical building equipment systems: electrical systems, building automation, heating technology and heat engineering. Current expertise is required to deliver products and solutions that comply with the latest technological trends, standards and directives.

As expert project planner or integration project planner for the industry of electrical and HVAC systems you are well aware of the requirements and preferences of property owners. You need an overview of all the technical products and solutions that are currently available as early as in the planning phase so that you can submit meaningful and reliable proposals. DEOS will give further support here with consultancy services in the areas of TBE systems, automation technology, electrical engineering and information technology. You’ll be on target right away, you’ll save time and you can rest assured that all the requirements of your TBE project have been met.

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Why use TBE project planning services from DEOS?

Personal, cost-effective, secure


We'll personally advise you during the planning phase

Planning and requests for proposals (RFPs) for BA products and solutions

DEOS products are built to last for a service life of 20 years

Secure site networking, SSL encryption, HTML5 web portals, hot standby controllers, manual emergency operation, cloud-solutions…

In-house development and production “Made in Germany”

Open communication protocols such as BACnet, M-Bus, Modbus, KNX, DALI, etc.; open standard IT technologies

BACnet, BTL, AMEV-B, CSA, CE, espa-x, voluntary Fraport certification

Using our extensive libraries enables DEOS partners to realise time-savings of up to 90% when programming TBE projects

Even last minute changes can be made thanks to direct contact with in-house experts

Compact design of controllers and IO modules for control cabinets

From development to commissioning: Holistic building automation provided by DEOS


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