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Well-positioned for the future

The trend toward digitalisation, networking and for the IoT in smart buildings is progressing rapidly. Building automation solutions from DEOS AG help make your buildings smart and secure in terms of IT. Invest in sustainable energy efficiency, climate comfort and protect your buildings against cyber attacks.

As owner or investor you aim to build real estate that is modern, attractive and energy-efficient. With well over fifty years of experience in the trade, we develop, design and produce the hardware and software products required for intelligent building automation. In cooperation with more than 350 system partners around the world, we realise custom solutions for your real estate. Building automation systems provided by DEOS AG span all trades and comprise all systems relevant to monitoring, controlling, and optimising HVAC systems and lighting and shading equipment.

It is possible to carry out maintenance and servicing work more efficiently by using modern cloud-based solutions, secure remote access and the Secure AlarmApp provided by DEOS. Intuitive firewall configuration settings enable you to protect your buildings from cyber attacks without being an IT expert.

Whether it involves a new building, a renovation, or the re-utilisation of a building: our solutions help save energy and increase the comfort for the people in the building.

Saving has never been this convenient

Building automation systems from DEOS AG not only facilitate saving energy but the patented OPENdynamics ventilation control system also helps create a comfortable room climate. This aids in preventing the sick building syndrome and thus helps lower the sickness absence rate of the employees working in the building while it has a positive impact on their productivity level. People in the building will show a high level of well-being and they will stay longer in the building. Your property will remain attractive for years to come.

Implementation by certified partner companies

There are more than 350 certified MCR companies that are part of our global network of system partners who would be happy to carry out the building automation project for your property. We believe in the experience and the qualifications our system partners bring to the table. We are keeping one another in the loop regarding products, solutions, customer requirements, as well as market trends and technologies through regular training programs, regional training courses and individual workshops. This way we are building and fostering fair partnerships that you can rely on.

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Why opt for building automation from DEOS?

Energy-efficient, sustainable, flexible, secure


You are well-prepared for the future with innovative, high-quality products and solutions from DEOS

Our system partners use state-of-the-art methods such as Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Redundant system structures, HTTPS and built-in firewalls provide for the highest level of security

Standardised technologies and a wide variety of communication protocols enable manufacturer-independent extensions

Solutions from DEOS for building and room automation: Energy management, solutions for energy efficiency, building management systems

Our products are configured for 24/7 operation, ensuring the highest possible availability with redundant system solutions

There are well over 350 certified local DEOS system partners

In-house development, production and quality control “Made in Germany”

The service life of DEOS products exceeds 20 years

The unique and patented OPENdynamics ventilation control system helps lower energy costs by up to 70%

End customer services are provided directly by the manufacturer, DEOS AG


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Want to know more?

The DEOS Partner Portal provides our system partners with technical information, product documentation and other documents for download. Not yet a system partner? As a guest you will also find additional information such as tender documentation or data sheets for our products.