Facility managers for building automation

Better respond to increasing demands

The interaction between technical facilities and sectors of industry accommodated in a building is becoming ever more sophisticated in terms of the IoT and cloud-based solutions. As a facility manager you are responsible for the economic and secure operation of buildings and properties that are equipped with ever more intelligent features. For this reason, an operating concept that enables you to respond to increasing demands without being an IT expert is essential: efficient processes, rapid response times, and preserving human resources are but a few aspects that are of vital importance to you to remain competitive in the market. With building automation solutions from DEOS, you are well prepared and positioned for success.

State-of-the-art technologies reduce servicing expenses

Save in several ways with our practical cloud-based DEOS Secure Network solution: Reduce your operating expenses thanks to remote maintenance, secure site networking and the efficient deployment of servicing personnel. The Secure AlarmApp allows your servicing personnel to monitor all systems 24/7 and they receive notification of faults and alarms via push messages on their mobile phones. Plus there are benefits for the end customers as well: Rapid response times and markedly reduced costs for hardware thanks to cloud-based building management systems ensure additional customer satisfaction. Building automation has never been this simple.

Energy efficiency without loss of comfort

Products, application programs and solutions from DEOS provide you with optimum support for smart building operations and whenever benchmarking buildings and properties. Building automation systems from DEOS help achieve the optimum combination between energy consumption and comfort for the user while reducing operating expenses. Products from DEOS can be used easily and quickly and you can benefit from special services offered to facility managers.

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Why work with DEOS to manage buildings?

Energy-efficient, simple, secure


Clear graphical user interface of the building-relevant systems on a mobile phone or on the PC

The Secure AlarmApp from DEOS helps ease your workload – have your technicians receive notifications of faults directly on their mobile devices and efficiently coordinate service calls

Monitor and control your systems independently of location and time

Cloud-based access to your systems, including the authorisation system and plannable service intervals for facility managers

Protection against cyber attacks and unauthorised access of systems through firewalls that meet exacting requirements for security

Economical deployment of personnel

Integration of all building-relevant structures to form one building automation system


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