Becoming a system partner

We are committed to genuine and fair partnerships

A new partnership means many new opportunities and coping with challenges. This is why a contact person from our Professional Support Team in conjunction with the easy Startup Service from DEOS will provide any new system partner with assistance and support in the beginning. This ensures that you successfully manage your first few projects with ease. With the aid of this Service you will quickly and easily become familiar with the world of DEOS. Setting you up for success is our goal, and we believe that in-depth and personal assistance and support are essential to achieve this.

We are seeking system integration professionals and MCR specialists, who are experienced in building automation systems and who have a network of customers, who would like to grow with us in this market segment.

Contact us! Pick up the phone and call us or use our contact form. This will get the conversation started. Following some formal agreements, we will sign a system partner contract with you and we will train you and your employees at DEOS academy.

We will accompany you during your initial TBE projects; either via phone or, if you wish, in person at your location. You benefit from the experience we have in MCR technology and in IT, the Support Service provided by our experts available on the hotline, assistance with planning, as well as eTutorials and further auxiliary aids via the DEOS Partner Portal. Upgrade Training is held near you at regular intervals, providing for a direct point of contact for the exchange of ideas. This way we can build a fair partnership together.

Explore the advantages with DEOS

Put your confidence in us just like more than 350 certified system partners. As a system partner you benefit from genuine competitive advantages such as time-effective engineering using our programming tools – these help save up to 90% engineering time. After a few days of hands-on training you will be proficient in using our hardware and software products. You also stand to benefit from free DEOS Upgrade Training, practical assistance with projects and access to our hotline service from Professional Support.

As a system partner you play an important role at DEOS because your success also forms the basis of our business. We appreciate the direct exchange with partners in our network, during training courses, Upgrade Training and other events. The direct exchange with our system partners enables us to stay on top of market trends, requirements of customers and product developments so that we can align our developments according to the resulting requirements. This is what a genuine and fair partnership is all about.

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Additional contact options

+49 5971 91133-0

Why become a system partner?

Based on partnership, competitive capacity and innovation


Meaning no competition from DEOS in your region

Special support services for your initial projects to ensure mutual success

To further enhance your knowledge in a target-oriented and time-effective manner

The DEOS Hotline service is provided by experts to assist and support you, true to the motto, "from practitioner to practitioner"

BACnet or proprietary, freely programmable or pre-installed applications – for each automation case the right product

Open communication protocols such as BACnet, M-Bus, Modbus, KNX, DALI, etc.; open standard IT technologies

BACnet, BTL, AMEV-B, CSA, CE, espa-x, voluntary Fraport certification

Is ensured through the easy Startup Service and comprehensive training offerings


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Want to know more?

The DEOS Partner Portal provides our system partners with technical information, product documentation and other documents for download. Not yet a system partner? As a guest you will also find additional information such as tender documentation or data sheets for our products.