OPENdynamics -
Control Strategy for Ventilation Systems

Would you like to reduce your ventilation technology energy costs, find the most economical energy mix and still maintain a comfortable temperature and sense of well-being throughout all of your rooms? OPENdynamics is the DEOS solution for your ventilation system.


OPENdynamics -
patented ventilation control


OPENdynamics creates the ideal environment for people, machines and exhibits. Your state-of-the-art room ventilation system works perfectly together with the patented DEOS room ventilation control, creating a productive room climate with maximum energy efficiency.

OPENdynamics -
transparency for your ventilation system

The OPENdynamics patented control strategy transparently displays all operating conditions. As an operator, you always have an overview of all your system's costs in real time. OPENdynamics continuously measures all operating parameters of the energy supply in the ventilation ducts as well as in the rooms and compares it with the target area values saved in the system.

OPENdynamics -
the cost control system (CCS)

OPENdynamics is the next step in building management system (BMS). The integrated cost overview in real time provides a completely new cost control system (CCS).
In conjunction with other DEOS solution components, such as the energy management software OPENenergy or the powerful DDC platform (OPEN EMS), individual requirements and building structures are easily mapped.

OPENdynamics -
comfort and energy savings

The OPENdynamics control algorithm helps your system find the most cost-effective operating point within its target area so that it operates with the least amount of energy - while ensuring the ideal climate comfort.

OPENdynamics cleverly takes the natural molecular movement in the air flow into consideration. It thus saves energy and ensures that the room's fresh air is uniformly mixed.

OPENdynamics -
a healthy room climate ensures satisfaction

OPENdynamics works quietly in the background, minimizes fan noise levels and considerably reduces. The proprietary DEOS control strategy enhances the healthy room climate and increases employee satisfaction.

OPENdynamics - benefits

  • Air flow rate logging and energy cost display in real-time
  • Automatic selection of the most efficient energy mix for your ventilation system
  • The security of an operating point that is always the most cost-effective
  • Elimination of drafts by reducing the air flow rates
  • For new and existing buildings with ventilation systems, e.g. from the office and hotel building sector, logistics and production halls, museums and pools, etc.
  • Short amortization periods compared to conventional solutions
  • Cost transparency through the unique new cost control system (CCS)

OPENdynamics - brochure for downloading

You can download our brochure on our OPENdynamics patented control strategy here. Simply click the cover.