Intelligent Ventilation Control

Building operators of hotels, offices, thermal springs/swimming facilities or other commercial buildings want a ventilation system that is ideally and centrally controlled. It is to operate in an energy efficient manner, transparently display costs and offer ideal climate comfort for the building users. We deploy DEOS controllers (OPEN EMS) to efficiently control your central ventilation system for new buildings or in existing buildings based on the necessary requirements.

The patented control strategy for your ventilation systems

With OPENdynamics, we offer you our patented control algorithm with no licensing charges for central air-conditioning and ventilation systems. OPENdynamics always ensures that you have the perfect air in your air-conditioned building. The control software is installed on our DEOS controllers and controls the comfortable climate via the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration.

The conditions in the rooms and buildings are recorded by perfectly matched sensors. The centrally conditioned air is then supplied in a targeted manner, without any draughts or disruptive circulation noises. OPENdynamics use the molecular effects and minimized airflows to keep the insulating air layers on large glass surfaces, for example. Radiative cooling is reduced and users feel more comfortable.

Ventilation control - your cost-savings

We deploy our control software to increase comfort while optimizing energy at the same time - allowing you to save up to 70% of your energy costs.

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