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Intelligent ventilation control

Building operators of hotels, offices, spas/swimming facilities or other commercial buildings want a ventilation system that is ideally and centrally controlled. One that operates in an energy efficient manner, display costs transparently and offer building users a high level of climate comfort. With our OPEN EMS controllers and the DEOS OPENdynamics control strategy, we efficiently control your central ventilation system for new buildings or in existing buildings based on the necessary requirements. Save up to 70% of your energy costs while increasing comfort at the same time. Saving has never been so pleasant!


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Patented control algorithm

With OPENdynamics, we offer you our patented control algorithm for central air conditioning and ventilation systems. OPENdynamics always ensures that you have the best air quality in your air-conditioned building. The control software on our DDC controllers regulates the comfortable climate via the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration. The conditions in the individual rooms and in the entire building are recorded by perfectly matched sensors. The centrally conditioned air is then supplied in a targeted manner, without any draughts or disruptive circulation noises. OPENdynamics uses the molecular effects and minimised air flows to keep the insulating air layers on large glass surfaces, for example. In addition, radiative cooling is reduced and the user’s sense of comfort is increased. OPENdynamics – productive room climate with maximum energy efficiency! Thanks to the intelligent control algorithm, your systems are operated with a minimum of energy, as the most cost-effective operating point is found within the setpoint range – and with optimum climate comfort!

Transparency for your ventilation system

The OPENdynamics patented control strategy transparently displays all operating conditions. As an operator, you always have an overview of all your system’s costs in real time. OPENdynamics continuously measures all operating parameters of the energy supply in the ventilation ducts as well as in the rooms and compares it with the target area values saved in the system.

Integrated cost control system (CCS)

OPENdynamics is the next step in building management system (BMS). The integrated cost overview in real time provides a completely new cost control system (CCS). In conjunction with other DEOS solution components, such as the energy management software OPENenergy or the powerful DDC platform (OPEN EMS), individual requirements and building structures are easily mapped.

Solution highlights

  • Air flow rate logging and energy cost display in real-time
  • Automatic selection of the most efficient energy mix for your ventilation system
  • The guarantee of an operating point that is always the most cost-effective
  • Elimination of draughts by reducing the air flow rates
  • For new and existing buildings with ventilation systems, e.g. from the office and hotel building sector, logistics and production halls, museums and pools, etc.
  • Short amortisation periods compared to conventional solutions
  • Cost transparency through the unique new cost control system (CCS)


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