Security in building automation

High availability of the building management systems (BMS) OPENweb

The IT infrastructure in buildings is becoming increasingly more complex. In addition, building intelligence is increasingly concentrated in central units such as the local BMS or the cloud. On the one hand, this saves costs, but on the other hand it also carries a risk in the event of a failure. This risk has to be considered and minimised in the project planning. The concept of high availability for local building automation systems offers the solution here: in the event of central BMS server failure, the building can continue to be safely controlled and monitored at the optimum energy level. The highly available and local BMS OPENweb is therefore designed for 24/7 operation. This is indispensable for continuous control and monitoring in buildings with special requirements such as hospitals, hotels, museums or computer centres.



IT-secure DDC controllers

With the OPEN EMS Service & Security Center and the integrated IT security functions, your DDC controllers and your building automation are protected against unauthorised access and cyber attacks from outside. The installation and setup of the firewall is intuitive and can be implemented via preconfigured security modes without any in-depth IT knowledge. IT security has never been so easy!

Security in the cloud

In addition to the many advantages of BMS in the cloud, our cloud solution DEOS Secure Network focuses above all on security. The high security standards such as firewall functions and encrypted communication ensure that your system is optimally protected against cyber attacks. Since the Connect boxes are already preconfigured, you do not need any additional IT expertise for the installation. Building automation has never been so secure!

Redundant hot standby controller

For maximum operational reliability, the OPEN 4100 EMS / OPEN 3100 EMS can also be used as a redundant hot standby controller. For this purpose, two controllers are operated on one CAN-bus. The primary controller is responsible for the control tasks, whereas the secondary controller remains in standby mode and automatically takes over the control and regulation of the building services systems in the event of a failure of the primary controller (no physical switching of the CAN-bus necessary). All variables are mirrored to the secondary controller in regular cycles. As a result, there are no effects on the current operating status (e.g. command & control sequences or timer programs) of the system technology. This application guarantees maximum operational reliability for sensitive systems. It is available on the OPEN 3100 EMS and OPEN 4100 EMS.



Redundancy thanks to CAN-HSB safety ring bus

The CAN-HSB (High Safety Bus) safety ring bus is a DEOS in-house development based on the globally proven CAN-bus. Compared to the simple CAN-bus, the CAN-HSB offers you additional safety functions: if a CAN-bus is interrupted, the entire system remains in operation thanks to redundant control. The limiting diagnosis is performed automatically and a detailed report shows the user via which CAN segment the connected IO modules can still be reached. This enables you to detect errors and correct them as quickly as possible. Adaptation of the control program is not necessary for the use of the safety ring bus.

For reliable operation, the CAN-HSB can be used on the OPEN 3100 EMS and OPEN 4100 EMS controllers in the C2 version. Function modules (OPEN FXL modules) specially designed for the CAN-HSB display and evaluate additional status information about the current operating status. The permanent recording and verification of all data therefore guarantees the high quality and availability of bus communication.



Flyer CAN-HSB safety ring bus

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Flyer Service & Security Center

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