Light management in building automation

Light control with human centric lighting (HCL)

Light influences biological processes and thus a person’s performance. This is precisely why it is important to fully integrate light management systems into building automation: daylight control based on the principle of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) increases the ability to concentrate and thus efficiency and productivity at the workplace. With DEOS light management, we offer you an intelligent overall solution for a single individual room or your entire building. Not only will they save valuable energy, they will also increase the well-being of building users.

The light control system is based on the standardised DALI communication protocol. In addition, we also offer other common protocols such as BACnet, KNX or DMX for light management. Use this solution in combination with HVAC applications or as a standalone solution.

Workflow-control light management

Fast and simple bulk parameterisation allows you to significantly reduce the time and effort required for programming the light control system. The predefined workflow in light management ensures high quality and safety in configuring lights in just four steps:

  • Step 1: Bus scan
  • Step 2: Addressing
  • Step 3: Group assignment (master tool)
  • Step 4: Light parameterisation (master tool)

You can use the master tool to assign lights by groups, set parameters, control the brightness taking into consideration the incident daylight or implement changes while the system is running.

Solution highlights

Customised, open, efficient!


BACnet communication (MS/TP or IP) at the management and automation level

Human Centric Lighting daylight control increases employee concentration and efficiency

Flexible response to customer demands

A perfectly matched range of products with DEOS room controllers, IO modules, user programs and programming tools

A wide range of interfaces, such as DALI, BACnet, KNX IP, Modbus, DMX, and more

Use DEOS light management in hotels, warehouses and office buildings, spas or swimming pools


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