Building automation for airports and traffic systems

Energy-efficient security

Extremely critical infrastructures include airports and traffic systems in general. These facilities must meet exacting safety requirements, be available around the clock (24/7) and operate economically while reducing costs for energy consumption. DEOS is offering customised building automation solutions in this field to help ensure energy-efficient and secure airport operations.

Our products can be easily integrated and they offer a high degree of flexibility. This allows ongoing optimisation of the building automation system extending beyond the current project to include potential expansions, if needed for reasons of changed safety requirements, for example.


DEOS BACnet controllers of the OPEN EMS series have received certification from Fraport AG as provider of a full range of services relevant to airport management and accordingly they are approved for use in airports. Extensive testing regarding conformity and interoperability requirements by Fraport have demonstrated that our building management systems fully meet all quality standards.

Highest operational reliability

The concept of high availability will help ensure maximum operational reliability of your facilities. The redundant server structure ensures that the building continues to be controlled and monitored at its energetic optimum even if a central BMS server fails. DDC controllers can also be used as a redundant system. So, should the primary controller fail, the secondary controller will automatically take over relevant control and monitoring tasks. This is absolutely essential for buildings with special requirements. DEOS building automation systems help ensure maximum reliability for the building.

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Airport Antalya

Airport Antalya

With its three runways for takeoff and landing, Antalya airport has Turkey’s second-highest passenger volume (25 million passengers every year). The airport offers a total of 670 different connections and 108 different airlines. Globally, that is the highest number of destinations.

Airport Milas-Bodrum

Airport Milas-Bodrum

The Bodrum-Milas international commercial airport is near the tourism cities of Bodrum and Milas. The airport has a capacity of 5 million passengers each year.


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Airport Tower Berlin Brandenburg

Airport Tower Berlin Brandenburg

The site of the new Berlin Brandenburg airport includes the third-highest airport tower (72 metres) in Germany. This provides space for 11 employees and has been in operation since 25th March, 2012. Besides the control tower turret, the tower accommodates the site management, guest lounges, a relaxation area, changing facilities with shower, briefing and conference rooms and a fitness room.

Airport Tower Frankfurt a. M.

Airport Tower Frankfurt a. M.

DEOS Gebäudeautomation GmbH installed a complete OPEN system of DEOS AG at Frankfurt airport tower. The German Air Traffic Control (ATC) was the building contractor.

The airport tower at Frankfurt a.M. is equipped with a fully redundant OPEN EMS system for the regulation of the ventilation system. In the event of any failure, a second automation station takes over as a hot standby to ensure air safety at any time.

DEOS AG offers the fully redundant system in hot standby as one of the very few manufacturers worldwide. The data of the airport Frankfurt are transferred online via “BACnet protocol” to the headquarters of the ATC in Langen.


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