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Offerings for CO2 sensors with a traffic light system have been rapidly increasing on the market. The Sensor-based Air Quality Measurement (SAM) from DEOS, an indoor air qualitiy indicator, offers an alternative system on an industrial application level, which can be expanded to provide an intelligent and flexible total solution with the aid of DEOS Air Quality Management.

The CO2 indoor air qualitiy indicator DEOS SAM forms the central building block of a flexible total solution. A built-in multi-sensor enables SAM to analyse the indoor air quality and to indicate the results via a three-stage traffic light system. SAM thus enables effective and demand-based room ventilation for everyone. The data collected by the sensor can also be centrally saved in the DEOS cloud, exported and printed as a trend report, or called up via the room air app from DEOS. This allows you to easily meet your obligation to provide proof of sufficiently ventilated facilities. The integration into existing air conditioning systems (VAC systems) is possible to ensure optimum indoor air quality, so that the VAC system can take measures to counteract conditions in the case of insufficient indoor air quality and thus guarantee optimum air quality at all times.

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Overview of building blocks for a solution

Various expansion stages reflect the flexibility of a total solution. The stand-alone product DEOS SAM is easily put into operation allowing you to keep an eye on indoor air quality at all times, and to ventilate in a target-oriented manner. Extensions available from DEOS can significantly facilitate monitoring and reporting indoor air conditions and they can even initiate manual ventilation:

  1. DEOS SAM as a stand-alone device
  2. Networking DEOS platform (cloud) and app
  3. Integration of existing ventilation systems

DEOS SAM as a stand-alone device

The indoor air qualitiy indicator DEOS SAM with a built-in multi-sensor (made in Switzerland) can analyse the indoor air quality, showing the results via a three-stage traffic light system. SAM can also warn of CO2 limit values being exceeded by emitting an acoustic alarm signal. With SAM, you can keep a close eye on the indoor air quality in the room at all times and ventilate in a targeted and effective manner. SAM measures the CO2 concentration in the room with the aid of a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor and it can be used as a stand-alone device or as a total solution.

Networking DEOS platform (cloud) and app

DEOS SAM can be networked via LoRaWAN to provide an intelligent total solution whenever several independent zones need to be monitored for their CO2 content, when one supervisor is responsible for several rooms at the same time, or if proof of correct ventilation has to be provided (obligation to provide proof). A gateway is then used to transfer the data collected by the sensor in compliance with GDPR to the DEOS cloud (located in the processing centre of DEOS in Germany). These data can be called up via the app, which enables controlling several rooms from one central location.

Moreover, you can specify all sensor setpoint values via a portal, manage individual room profiles, and assign rights for alarms via the app. The central recording of trends allows you to quickly and easily export and print reports as needed. This takes place via the standard browser so that no other software needs to be installed. This way you can easily meet your obligation to provide proof of optimum facility ventilation.

Integration of existing ventilation systems

If the building is already equipped with a VAC system that ensures ventilation of the various rooms, DEOS SAM with its CO2 alarm can effectively complement the ventilation control process.

Should the CO2 limit value be exceeded, the air supply is automatically adjusted via the air conditioning system and, if necessary, switched to 100% fresh air supply, for example. This way, optimum indoor air quality is guaranteed at all times and manual intervention with the ventilation system is no longer required. OPEN GATE, the message gateway from DEOS is used for the manufacturer-independent connection of devices. Existing BACnet VAC systems can thus be incorporated into a flexible total solution from DEOS for Air Quality Management. The message gateway from DEOS can also be used for integrating further practical add-ons.




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