DEOS academy

Centre for continuing education, training and support

DEOS academy is the centre for continuing education, training and support of DEOS AG and it is an important resource for our system partners. This facility accommodates five fully furnished training rooms where new system partners are brought up to speed regarding DEOS products and solutions. The focus of our offers is on providing you with information about the types of applications our hardware and software offers along with the latest system solutions to empower you to become an expert in efficiently programming with DEOS programming tools. Apart from the regular training courses, we are also offering individual assistance with projects in the form of workshops – or, if you wish, at your premises.

Professional Support

A successful partnership is built on the foundation of caring for one another. Our Professional Support team will assist and support you with your individual concerns and help find suitable solutions. The Support Hotline is not a call centre but a service where experts with longstanding practical knowledge and extensive expertise regarding our products and solutions will assist and support you, true to the motto, “from practitioner to practitioner”.

For new system partners: easy Startup

A new partnership means many new opportunities and coping with challenges. This is why a contact person from our Professional Support Team will provide the new system partner with assistance and support in the beginning. This ensures that you successfully manage your first few projects with ease. The easy Startup Service helps you to quickly and easily become familiar with the world of DEOS. Setting you up for success is our goal, and we believe that in-depth and personal assistance and support are essential to achieve this.


DEOS workshops provide our system partners with an individualised form of support – this could involve specific training or support for real projects. This ensures both successful completion of a project and ongoing acquisition of knowledge specific to the individual interests for a long-term and successful partnership.