Building automation for retailers

Shopping tour with a feel-good factor

In the automation of large shopping centres, department stores and branches, the focus is on a perfect feel-good ambience as well as optimum goods presentation. Up to 85 % of the entire building energy is used for air conditioning: There is enormous savings potential here.

Shopping tours in stale shopping centres that are too warm is a thing of the past with the OPENdynamics ventilation control. Staying is much more pleasant for your customers so that remain longer in your shop. In addition, the intelligent light control ensures optimum presentation of the goods which has a positive effect on your sales.

In addition to these aspects, efficient building operation in the retail sector is of major importance. The OPENenergy energy management software also reduces the operating costs in your shopping centre.

Secure networking of your branch offices reduce your operating costs

The cloud solutions from DEOS let you realise your premises up to 94 % more cost-effectively compared to a conventional approach (local building management system server in all stores). The cloud solution also provides you with more flexibility for future site expansions – this means new branches can be simply integrated in the existing system.

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