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References OPEN EMSEnergy Management Station

The wide variety of applications of the OPEN controllers is shown by its usage in more than 10,000 properties. Here you will find a selection, please choose your desired category:

Csm rossmann zentrale logo f10886cd0e big thumb

Rossmann Drugstores throughout Germany

Thanks to the convenient options for connecting controllers via the Internet and the corresponding BMS visualization, the Rossmann drug store chain instills its trust in DEOS products in all of its markets.

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Platoavm  daikin klima referans 19a big thumb

Shopping Mall Plato, Turkey

The shopping mall “Plato” in Istanbul opened its doors in spring 2013.

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73 adidasnews neu 01 big thumb

adidas Distribution Center, Germany

To ensure a pleasant storage and working temperature as well as good air quality, various DEOS products were used for this distribution center.

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Hotel Golserhof, Italy

The connection of OPENview and a COSMOS 700 OPEN controller enables the intelligent control and remote maintenance of this hotel.

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50.259.173 big thumb

Woertherseestadion, Austria

All of the soccer stadium's lighting and ventilation systems are equipped with COSMOS 3000 OPEN controllers ensuring that the energy is used efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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C&A Head Office, Germany

DEOS AG provides the entire building controller technology for the office complex covering a total of 36,800 m² and the conference area spanning 660 m² of the C&A headquarters.

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Schools Zinzendorfschulen, Germany

The project " Zinzendorfschulen" received the "Trust Innovation Award".

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021 shr kanzleramt a 005003c04003005767a711 big thumb

Steigenberger InterCity-Hotel, Germany

The hotel was equipped with energy-efficient DEOS building automation to obtain the green building certificate.

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Krankenhaus viransehir devlet hastanesi big thumb

Hospital Viransehir Devlet Hastanesi, Turkey

The parameters from the fields of cooling, heating, the full air-conditioning system and surgical operations in the Viransehir hospital are optimized by state-of-the-art automation technology from DEOS AG.

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1156084155 big thumb

Theatre Neue Flora, Germany

Both OPENweb as well as two COSMOS 800 OPEN controllers help ensure energy-efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions of the Hamburg theater.

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Hauptstelle rheine w big thumb

Bank Kreis Steinfurt eG, Germany

The DEOS AG building automation solutions are the perfect match for the high technological and innovative demands of the new VR-Bank building in the district of Steinfurt.

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Album2128 1329120298 venues in melbourne medibank icehouse 9 big thumb

Ice Arena O’Brien Group Arena, Australia

OPEN EMS was used to flawlessly tackle the challenges presented by the climatic conditions of an ice rink with an adjacent sport and recreation center.

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Shepparton Art Museum, Australia

The Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) is the cultural focal point for Greater City of Shepparton. It has an active exhibitions program that includes curated, local community and touring exhibitions.

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1200px brunswick town hall 002 big thumb

Northcote Town Hall, Australia

For Northcote Town Hall studio 1 a standalone air handling system was designed to serve that space only.

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Utz11 big thumb

Headquarters Georg Utz GmbH, Germany

OPENenergy is used to constantly monitor the consumption of production, the warehouse and the social wing and thus actively facilitate the energy management.

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