DEOS AG, Germany

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Innovative building automation has found a new home: the DEOS headquarters in Rheine. Since the late summer 2014 the latest technologies around building technology has been developed and produced in one of the most modern office and training buildings in Europe. At the same time the new headquarters demonstrates the comprehensive DEOS product portfolio.
The software application OPENapp DALI controls all the multicolored LED lights in the building complex, so that the temperature range of the light adjusts to the human biorhythm throughout the day. Furthermore, the control technology for ventilation systems OPENdynamics ensures the perfect room climate in all offices and conference rooms.
The entire building technology is controlled by the building management system OPENweb and can be operated using PCs, tablet and smartphone apps so that conventional switches are no longer needed on the walls.
Overview of project data

DEOS Software
Beginning: March 2013
Completion: August 2014
Carried out by
DEOS Gebäudeautomation GmbH
Birkenallee 76
48432 Rheine (DE)