Energy Supplier EGAT, Thailand

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Egat outside big thumb EGAT, Nonthaburi
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The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, in short EGAT, is Thailand's leading energy supplier. The state-owned company is responsible for the electrical power generation and transfer for the entire country. EGAT is also responsible for selling electricity. Electrical devices are tested in its in-house laboratories according to the Thai standard.
The building's HVAC system consists of a total of 3 water-cooled refrigeration systems that are controlled by an OPEN 810/5. In addition, the laboratory's fresh air supply is ensured by a fresh air system. This fresh air system is controlled by an OPEN 600/5 so that the outside air supply can be ideally adjusted depending on the conditions of the individual rooms.
Furthermore, the laboratory rooms are equipped with 21 FCU controllers and thermostats. A particular challenge with this building was integrating the humidity control in connection with the adjusted air pressure in the laboratories to achieve the perfect indoor climate conditions.
The entire building is controlled via 2 tablet PCs. All system data can be called up at any time by accessing the OPENview web server. This also makes it possible for technicians to access the systems remotely.
Thanks to the integrated application of BACnet and MODBUS, all used subsystems can easily and smoothly communicate with each other.
Project data in the overview

DEOS hardware
1 OPEN 600/0 EMS
1 OPEN 800/5 EMS
4 OPEN IO module
2 Tablet PCs
21 FCU Controller

DEOS software

MODBUS in data points: 10
BACnet in objects: 200
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