TV Studio NOS, Netherlands

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NOS is Holland's largest news organization. It is a public service broadcasting organization, providing independent news and sports reporting, etc. NOS operates its own production studios.
In 2015, the news studio, including the interconnected control rooms were updated with the DEOS AG products OPENbalance (today: OPENdynamics) and two BACnet controllers OPEN 810/12 EMS. These measures considerably increased the conditions of this specific room situation:
for example, the air speed inside the studios spanning 4,000 qm was optimized as contracted to eliminate all drafts. In addition, the high temperatures caused by the technical equipment inside the studios were reduced to a comfortable level for the employees and studio guests. The ventilation and humidification system were also replaced. The NOS broadcasting company was able to smoothly continue its operations throughout the entire expansion project which entailed approx. 200 data points.


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