Life Insurance ERGO, Germany

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In a large-scale project, DEOS Gebäudeautomation GmbH renewed the building technology of ERGO Lebensversicherung AG, a subsidiary of the ERGO Group in Hamburg. The entire DDC (Direct Digital Control) technology was replaced in the administrative headquarters (HV) 1 and 2 as well as an energy optimisation system for the ventilation systems installed.
Due to the positive experiences from the reconstruction of HV2, the systems of HV1 were also equipped with DEOS technology. In addition, it was possible to comply with the requirements accordingly so that the office routine was not interrupted because the intermediate floors did not need to be replaced despite the energy optimisation system.
In accordance with the principle of open communication, the native BACnet controllers of the OPEN EMS series support the BACnet protocol and, thus, can communicate with other BACnet devices over the Ethernet network.
After the modernisation measures, the measurements of the new building technology have shown that it was possible to reduce the air volume flows of 1,800,000 m³/h to 800,000 m³/h. In addition, ERGO Lebensversicherung AG is able to save around 1 million Euro annually in energy costs through the new air-conditioning technology.
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DEOS Gebäudeautomation GmbH
Birkenallee 76
48432 Rheine