IKEA Furniture Stores throughout Germany

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Since the opening of the first IKEA furniture store in the near of Munich in October 1974, the furniture chain, founded in Sweden in 1943, has developed into a major player of the German furniture sector.
With the construction of the largest IKEA branch of Germany in Berlin-Lichtenberg IKEA Verwaltungs GmbH decided for the energy-efficient building automation of DEOS AG. Since 2010 several IKEA furniture stores throughout Germany were therefore equipped with DEOS technology. Thus, the head office in Hofheim-Wallau can monitor and control the systems of these branches from a distance through the building management system OPENweb.
German IKEA furniture stores equipped with DEOS technology are:
Augsburg • Berlin-Lichtenberg • Berlin-Spandau
Berlin-Tempelhof • Chemnitz • Dortmund
Dresden • Großburgwedel • Hamburg-Moorfleet
Hanau • Hannover-Expo • Koblenz
Ludwigsburg • Nieder-Eschbach • Siegen
Sindelfingen • Ulm • Wallau • Walldorf
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